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Tempus Tantrum!

Tempus Tantrum!

40% off Boxes + Free Lighter!

Alec Bradley makes a whole boatload of great blends. But quite possibly his finest work is done on the Tempus Series. Littered with high scores, these blends are always in demand. But when you’re at the top, there’s no time for sleep, and Alan Rubin is always perfecting his craft. This year he’s decided to trim some fat, and is ending production on a few sizes of these blends. Which means I have free reign to discount the snot out of them. Today I have three Tempus Boxes on the table at 40% off, plus, I’ll throw in a FREE Alec Bradley Torch Lighter with each box purchased!

First up, I have the original Tempus – a 94-rated masterpiece – in a big 7”x49 Churhill size and packed up in boxes of 10 for only $55.20. Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Indonesian tobaccos combine for a full-bodied onslaught of toasted wood and nutty flavors with hints of pepper and sweetness.

Then theres Tempus Nicaragua. Awarded a 90-point rating, I have Toro and Torpedo sizes available in boxes of 10 and 20 respectively, for as little as $52.20. A hot price on this medium-bodied stunner exploding with rich Nicaraguan tobaccos and an array of spice, pepper, cedar, and leathery flavors. 

Enter with high expectations. Leave with top-notch cigars and a free torch at up to 51% combined savings.