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Sampler Sweep-Up!

Sampler Sweep-Up!

25 options, Save up to 87%

Attention all CigarFu fanatics - we need a clean-up in the samplers department, ASAP. We've got cigars from CAO, Alec Bradley, Punch, AVO, Macanudo, Rocky Patel and more spilling out into the aisles. This week we need your help cleaning up this mess. That's why, while supplies last, we're offering up 25 different world-class samplers, for up to 87% off MSRP.

Whatever your appetite, there's a dish here that's perfect for you. Whether you like the big brands or the boutiques, maduro’s or Connecticut’s, full-bodied or mellow gems, this little cleaning frenzy has it all, and the madness starts at just $9.99 per sampler!

25 tasty samplers from some top-selling brands, offered up at a price that should have you hastily tying on the bib and bellying up to the table. CigarFU's Sampler Sweep-Up Sale makes restocking your stash a breeze. My only warning – some options are extremely limited in supply and will sell out fast, so get in early and claim some under priced gems before they’re gone!

Gran Habano Imperial Assortment Sampler  4 CigarsGran Habano Imperial Assortment Sampler 4 CigarsSale  Only $19.99In Stock
Honduran Sampler  15 CigarsHonduran Sampler 15 CigarsSale  Only $19.99Out Of StockShop Now
Rocky Patel Executive Combo  10 CigarsRocky Patel Executive Combo 10 CigarsSale $116.10Only $39.99Out Of StockShop Now
Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Gift Set II  6 CigarsPerdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Gift Set II 6 CigarsSale  Only $42.50In Stock
Diesel Accessory Assortment  Cigar Accessory SamplerDiesel Accessory Assortment Cigar Accessory SamplerSale  Only $29.99In Stock
AVO Classic 4 Pack & Growler  4 CigarsAVO Classic 4 Pack & Growler 4 CigarsSale  Only $22.50Out Of StockShop Now
Gurkha Mellow Sampler IV  4 CigarsGurkha Mellow Sampler IV 4 CigarsSale $79.40Only $9.99Out Of StockShop Now