Platinum Purge Mega-Sampler Cigars
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Platinum Purge Mega-Sampler

120 Cigarillos. $12. Don't even think about it, just add these to the cart with whatever else you need, and move on with your day knowing you just scored 90% savings, and a boatload of flavor to boot. At least, that's what I would do. 

Let's be clear: these things aren't going to replace Macanudo or 5 Vegas Gold as your go-to morning choice. But, when you need a quick, sweet cigar, Platinum Cigarillos are the perfect remedy. Ideal for when you’re short on time, these tasty cigarillos are a perfect companion when the weather’s cold, when you’re doing errands, or on your daily commute. And here's the best news: with our Platinum Purge Mega-Sampler, you can try each flavor with one scandalously low buy-in. Just check out our magnum sized discount prices, and order as many as you can handle.

CI's Platinum Purge Mega-Sampler includes:

30 - Platinum Cigarillos Apple (4.5" x 27): Crisp, refreshing flavor​
30 - Platinum Cigarillos Bluez (4.5" x 27): Soulful, sweet, and easy going
30 - Platinum Cigarillos Purple (4.5" x 27): An exotic, tasty combination
30 - Platinum Cigarillos Pink Berry (4.5" x 27): A slightly tangy fruity essence

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