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Honduran 15-Cigar Sampler
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Honduran 15-Cigar Sampler

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Ah, Honduras. A nation of misty mountains, rich Mayan heritage, excellent coffee, and of course, cigars. Many connoisseurs consider the tobacco grown in Honduras the best in the world, and the closest in flavor to authentic Cuban leaf. Indeed, certain regions of Honduras closely mimic that of the Cuban subclimate, but each region in Honduras produces distinct and delicious leaves all their own. The Honduran 15-Cigar Sampler showcases tobacco from the country's 3 main growing regions, so you can tour all of the different profiles at your own pace. Each comes full of some of the best tobacco from each region, wrapped in the leaf that best compliments their natural flavors. A Colorado-shade wrapper covers medium-bodied tobacco from Danli, a toothy Maduro leaf covers full-bodied fillers from San Pedro Sula, and an oily, rich Habano wrapper coats medium to full-bodied leaves from San Agustin. All delicious, all perfectly constructed, and all yours for just $1.33 per stick. 

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