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How to Pack a Pipe (Pipe 101)

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Cigars International shows you the most effective way to pack your pipe!

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How to Pack a Pipe

Packing a pipe is as much an art form as it is a science. It can be very frustrating for beginners to learn.

If you stick with it, a properly packed pipe will make smoking a pipe that much more enjoyable.

You will need: a pipe, pipe tobacco, a tamper, and matches or a soft flame butane lighter. Never use a torch lighter, it burns entirely too hot and can destroy your pipe.

We are going to use a 3 layer method! Step One: Sprinkle tobacco into the chamber until over-full.

Next, press the tobacco down with a tamper or your finger until the chamber is half-full.

Step Two: repeat step one until the chamber is slightly over full.

Next, tamp the tobacco down to the two-thirds to three quarters point.

Step Three: sprinkle tobacco into the chamber until over-full one last time.

Next, press the tobacco firmly until it's one-eighth of an inch below the rim.

This 3 layer method will give you a nice consistent pack throughout the pipe and will allow the ash to fall within the pipe without suffocating the fire.

Step Four: light your pipe using your soft flame butane lighter or matches. Take a few puffs on the pipe to draw the flame down into it.

It's common for your pipe to go out right after you light it. This is what is known as a charring light or a false light. When this happens, just simply re-tamp the tobacco lightly and re-light. For more info on how to light a pipe, visit and check out our pipe videos.

If you've packed your pipe properly, you should be all set, but don't be surprised if your pipe goes out the first few times you try this.

Stick with it, and you'll be enjoying a pipe like a pro in no time.