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XiKAR XO Circle Cutter Overview - Cigars International

1708 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Jun 09 2017, 13:33PM
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The Xikar XO Circle Cutter is unlike anything currently on the market.  

This double guillotine cigar-cutting machine utilizes a planetary gear system that ensures both blades open and close in perfect synchronization.

The result is a guided and clean cut every time.  

Equipped with two stainless steel blades and dressed in an aluminum body this durable cutter will effortlessly cut any cigar up to a 64 ring gauge and can scalp the cap up to a 70 ring gauge.  

Engineered to simplify the way a double guillotine works, this circle cutter is capable of being the next, and last cutter you add to your collection.

Pick up the amazing Xikar XO Circle at Cigars International today!