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Selecting Your Perfect CAO Cigar - Cigars International

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Taste your perfect CAO Cigar at Cigars International Today!

CAO is one of the most sought after brands of cigars, period. But their massive portfolio of 90+ rated cigars can be a little intimidating to even the most seasoned cigar veterans.

Selecting the perfect CAO cigar is no easy task, but we’re here to help. We’ve broken down the top sellers by strength to allow you to dial in your sights on a new favorite:

Let’s say you are a mild to medium kind of guy. Hmm…we’ve narrowed the choices considerably. Now lets say you’re looking for the mildest of the mild. Then CAO Gold is your go to. CAO Gold is as mellow as they come but lacks nothing in the flavor department with a mild-bodied flavor that is deep and complex. One of CAO’s first and finest 90 rated cigars, CAO Gold helped paved the way for CAO’s revered notoriety.

Looking for something with just a little bit more umph but still mellow and creamy? Then perhaps try CAO Columbia. This mild-medium bodied adventure is jammed packed with rare tobaccos from the Colombian coast line and features unique nuances of coffee, toasted nuts, and a smooth sweet & salty finish. CAO Colombia is a mild yet delicious experience that I am sure you are gonna love.

Sounds delectable, but let’s say you like something a little more medium-full. Again, we’ve narrowed the pack quite a bit. How about a cigar that’s a conversation starter? I give you CAO America. Finished in pin-stripe format, the America employs two beautiful wrappers: a thick and oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and a flawless Connecticut shade leaf. This medium-full freedom fighter is brimming with a rich, chewy smoke that will satisfy even the most savage of beasts. Try this robust firecracker after a hearty steak or with an ice-cold microbrew.

How about something that is still medium-full but is a full-blown bombardment of flavor. Grab yourself a CAO Pilon. CAO Pilon packs flavor in droves, and you can expect your pallet to be dazed with delicious notes of pepper, spice, cedar, nuts, and cocoa. Pilon touts an impressive 90 rating and contains a montage of flavors that will leave you extremely satisfied.

I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering all ready. But let’s say you are looking for even more power. Then look no further than CAO’s full strength line up. Looking for something full-bodied yet exotic? Then get your mitts on a CAO Brazilia. CAO Brazilia is handcrafted from the finest Brazilian wrappers, which deliver a cluster of complex flavors while offering a smooth and rich taste. The rich Brazilian wrapper gives CAO Brazilia a full-bodied experience that is simply unforgettable. This is one powerhouse that will be a welcome addition to your humidor.

These are all fantastic cigars, but let’s face it…this is America. Home of hot rods and pin-up chicks! We are constantly on the look out for more power! If you are looking for the fullest of the full, then feast your eyes on CAO Flathead. Borrowing inspiration from muscle cars, CAO Flathead not only sports a highly unique shape, but backs it up with a high octane blend. Heavy in the hand, this dark creation churns out a mix of spicy-sweet goodness with hints of black pepper, earth and cocoa. Each puff reveals a thick and powerful smoke, lending to a long, lingering finish. Rated #3 Cigar of 2015 by Cigar Aficionado, CAO Flathead is a full-bodied thrill ride that you’ll treasure forever.

And there you have it. This has been just a small overview into the impressive CAO portfolio. Always innovative, and never satisfied, CAO cigars strive to be different. Every cigar is their lineup is worth giving a go and I highly recommend that you give them all a try. Try your perfect CAO cigar at Cigars International today!

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