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Jetline DT-101 Quad-Flame Lighter

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Grab this lighter for your table top!

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One fat lighter.

Jetline lighters are affordable, reliable, and highly functional. In fact, when it comes to price, few

can compete with Jetline's impressive lineup. Packing all the necessities, and a few frills too, these

trustworthy lighters provide everything you need at a wallet-friendly price.

The Jetline DT-101 could be described many ways....but trust me when I tell you this thing is a beast.

Its large fuel tank supplies a blazing hot quad-flame wind-resistant jet, that makes short work out of

any cigar. The DT-101 is surprisingly easy to hold in the hand and operate, thanks to its cylindrical

and ergonomic design. It also features a large fuel adjustment wheel on the bottom, to easily adjust the

flame level. Not to be taken lightly, the Jetline DT-101 is one serious piece of hardware.