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CIGARfest 2013 Ticket Auction - Cigars International

7468 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Feb 08 2013, 17:04PM
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Get Your Bid On Now before it's too LATE!

Hello CI Nation! Didn't get your tickets for CIGARfest 2013? Don't fret my friend. I have an opportunity for you to still grapple your CIGARnut ticket. Now that General Admission and VIH are sold out these CIGARnut tickets are your only way into the 10th Anniversary of CIGARfest. These tickets get you early entry into CIGARfest plus a free full course breakfast. Here's how it works Step 1 jump online and go to and navigate your way to the ticket page. Step 2 get your bid on. The auction is the open market in all its glory, so I can't guarantee you will win or what you'll even pay. Step 3 watch like a hawk and make sure your not outbid so you can ensure you grapple CIGARnut tickets for the 10th Anniversary of CIGARfest. Good luck my friends and remember the auction is only live until Saturday February 16th at 5PM, so get your bid on now!