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How to Cut a Cigar (Cigar 101)

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Cigars International presents the four most common techniques for cutting a cigar.

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How to Cut a Cigar.

How you decide to cut your cigar is really a matter of personal preference. When cutting a cigar, look for the start of the curve in the cap, and cut. Be careful, an improper cut can cause your cigar to unravel.

The four most popular methods of cutting a cigar are:
Guillotine, Punch, V-Cut, and Scissors.

Guillotines are generally the most popular option when cutting the tip of a cigar, they work well with essentially every type of cigar on the market. Guillotines are designed to make a straight cut across the head and create a wide opening for drawing on the cigar.
More often than not, the wider the opening the easier the draw.
When cutting, be quick and decisive. You want to slice the cigar, not tear it!

The punch cutter is a favorite of many because it's fast and easy to use. This circular shaped blade is designed to gently push into the head of the cigar and bore out an opening. For the most part, the smaller the opening, the firmer and more flavorful the draw. This is an excellent choice for mixed filler cigars because it prevents bits of tobacco from ending up in your mouth and allows the smoke to cleanly draw through the opening.

The V-Cutter is the perfect mix between the Guillotine and the punch. When a applied to the cigar, the result is a cleft shape notch at the tip. A V-Cutter provides more surface area without exposing your tongue to loose tobacco, and channels the smoke into a bottle neck, allowing for an easier yet robust and flavorful draw.

Lastly, normally made from surgical quality steel scissor cutters provide practically an identical cut to that of a Guillotine.
The only real differences are How both the instruments feel in your hand, and how much classier you look using scissors.
A high quality scissor will guarantee you a swift precise straight cut, allowing for a smooth draw.