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The Perfect Drink - Cigars International - Cool Sh!t

2297 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Nov 21 2014, 14:43PM
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Introducing the “Perfect Drink." The app-controlled super scale that helps you create the perfect cocktail every time!

No need for fancy bartending school, just simply connect the scale to your mobile device and launch the free app.

Select the cocktail that you wish to make, or tell “Perfect Drink” what you have on hand. Let the app help you decide what tasty adult beverage you should make.

Next, set a glass or container on the scale and follow the instructions. As you pour, you’ll notice the virtual glass fills up in real time. The scale makes 30 measurements per second ensuring top notch accuracy.

The “Perfect Drink” knows the exact weight and density of each liquid, guaranteeing perfect percentages each time.

If you accidentally over pour an ingredient, the app adjusts the recipe accordingly so that your drink tastes exactly the same, time and time again.

Having more than one guest over? No problem. Simply put a larger container on the scale, increase the number of servings and let the “Perfect Drink” do the equations for you!

The “Perfect Drink” makes an amazing gift for anyone and comes complete with scale, stainless steel shaker, two pouring spouts and mobile device stand.

So what are you waiting for...go get yourself the “Perfect Drink” at Don’t forget to check out some of our other Cool Sh!t too!