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The AVO Mega-Sampler

20 Cigars Only $4.25 apiece!


Mondays aren’t really my thing but cigars are. In the essence of time and energy, I won’t be going on my typical rant about why you need to score this deal. I're disappointed. But this is far too momentous of an occasion to mud things up. The mighty Davidoff-made AVO is a tremendous 64% OFF for just 24-hours!

20 top-notch, delectable handmades are just $84.99. Say what?! Indeed, feast on the mighty AVO brand for a fraction of the everyday price tag. Check it out. This thing is the all-pro AVO lineup. 100% certified prime cuts only. From the 90-Rated Classic and Heritage, to the 7-country blend of Syncro South America Ritmo, here’s your ticket to a masterclass in blending. Not only that, the XO features a silky smooth Connecticut wrapper with fillers that have been aged for at least six years. This 20-cigar beauty is guaranteed to impress. All for just $4.25/cigar ...damn. Off the top of my head, I can't recall the last time we smacked an AVO sampler like this with our discount hammer this hard! This is your chance to have it all! I'm a total cheapskate, and I already picked one up. I advise you to do the same, because it's not swinging around again anytime soon. So get to it before it’s gone!

The AVO Mega-Sampler includes:
5 - AVO XO Intermezzo (5" x 50)
5 - AVO Syncro South America Ritmo Toro (6.0" x 54)
5 - AVO Heritage Robusto (4.9" x 50) - 90-rated
5 - AVO Classic Robusto (5.0" x 50) - 90-rated

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