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AJ Box-Press Perfecto Mega-Sampler

$2.80 apiece deal. Only $59.99 + Upgrade.

Stop. Don't waste time with asking how. Instead, focus on shoveling these into your cart, cuz the deal is real, and the savings are spectacular. Tie on a bib, and let out your inner beast to gorge on full-bodied favorites from the famed AJ Fernandez. Each and every cigar is beefy, clocking in at a stout 6"x60 box-pressed double perfecto, making this 20-cigar collection for just $59.99 downright bonkers. But this nuthouse is about to get a little crazier. I'll throw in a 5-pack of the bold Man O' War Damnation (worth $47.50), for just $10 more. So much AJ Fernandez goodness, and only 24-hours...

With all the cards on the table, you pay just $2.80 apiece, saving 77%! 

AJ’s 6x60 Box Pressed Perfecto Mega-Sampler includes:
4 – Diesel Rage Perfecto (6”x 60)
4 – Ave Maria Divinia Perfecto (6”x 60)
4 – Man O War Ruination Perfecto (6”x 60)
4 – La Herencia Cubana Core Perfecto (6”x 60)
4 – HC Squared Habano Perfecto (6”x 60)

20 full-throttle boutique beauties from AJ for just $59.99. Or, go with the overstuffed option, 25 cigars just $69.99. Nearly 80% off AJ doesn't come knockin' often