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Oliva Mega-Sampler II

Discounted 55% For 24-Hours...


The Oliva Cigar Company is making some of the best cigars coming out of Nicaragua right now. Their award-winning portfolio is one of the most impressive in the business, and this sampler here puts in on full display for a price you won’t believe. For the next 24-hours, pick them up at just $69.99 and save 55% OFF Retail!

Five of their best-selling blends are included – 95-Rated Serie V, 94-Rated Serie O, 91-Rated Serie G and more. And better yet, we picked out larger sizes in each blend to extend your enjoyment of these flavorful Nicaraguan gems. This new and improved Mega-Sampler II will give you mellow, medium, and full-bodied options to chose from daily. Twenty high-quality Oliva Cigars at only $3.50 apiece. This is an easy decision.

The Oliva Mega-Sampler II Includes:
4 - Oliva Serie V Double Robusto (5” x 54) – 95-Rated
4 – Oliva Serie G Toro (6” x 50) – 91-Rated
4 - Oliva Serie O Toro (6” x 50) – 94-Rated
4 - Gilberto Oliva Reserva Toro (6” x 50) – 90-Rated
4 – Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro (6” x 50)

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