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AJ's 6x60 Box-Pressed Perfecto Mega-Sampler

Twenty of AJ's best - nearly 80% off – 24 hours

Ahh! Football training camps are now open and the season is on the horizon - it doesn't get much better than that. And in the spirit of the season, we're throwing up a Hail Mary that would make A.R. look like a rookie. So go long. We're chuckin' the rock over the head of the competition to deliver Fernandez lovelies right on the numbers. Some of his best blends are at play, crafted into big, 6"x60 box-pressed, limited-edition double perfectos, and equipped with a silly 78% discount. Blends like Diesel Rage, Ave Maria Divinia, Man O' War Ruination, and more, have all gotten in line and are standing at attention. Whatever you do, don't miss out. You can't DVR this deal, and all signs point to this one moving faster than a cheetah on an injured gazelle. Grab all 20 cigars for just $54.99. Oh lawd, that's nearly 80% off!

What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Buy this deal. Just the Ave Maria Divinas alone are worth more than what I'm asking. Tie on a bib, and let out your inner beast to gorge on full-bodied favorites from the famed AJ Fernandez. Each and every cigar is beefy, clocking in at a stout 6"x60 box-pressed double perfecto, making this 20-cigar collection downright bonkers. So make the right call and scoop up AJ's finest full-flavored lovelies for a scant $2.75 apiece.

 AJ's 6x60 Box-Pressed Perfecto Mega-Sampler includes:
4 - Diesel Rage Perfecto (6" x 60)
4 - Ave Maria Divinia Perfecto (6" x 60)
4 - Man O' War Ruination Perfecto (6" x 60)
4 - La Herenica Cubana Core Perfecto (6" x 60)
4 - HC Series Squared Habano Perfecto (6" x 60)

20 full-throttle boutique beauties from AJ with a fat 78% discount. TOUCHDOWN! Commence excessive celebratory dance.