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Diesel Special Edition Salomon Sampler

Taste the entire gamut of Diesel in mammoth-sized Salomon fashion. Great blends, great flavors, great price. There will be no regretting this purchase.

The Diesel Special Edition Salomon Sampler includes:
4 - Diesel Unholy Cocktail Salomon (7.1" x 58)
4 - Diesel Unlimited Salomon (7.1" x 58)
4 - Diesel Hair of the Dog Salomon (7.1" x 58)

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12 CIGARS Out of Stock $128.00 $49.99    

Customer Reviews of “Diesel Special Edition Salomon Sampler”

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Got a 3 pack free Solomon sampler with an order a while back, set them in my humidor and let them age. Now, 3 years later I'm finally smoking them. The Hair of the Dog wasn't that great to me. The Unholy Cocktail is making me wish I tried them sooner. Now they are out of stock. I'm smoking the Unholy as I write this. Luckily I still have one Unlimited Solomon in my humidor. I'll let it get some extra plume on it before I burn her.
The Diesel Special Edition Salomon Sampler contains 3 of my favorite blends in a size that takes them all to a new level of intensity. These gargantuan 7.1" X 58 monsters are bold, brash & beloved! I managed to go through about 50 before they did a Houdini. Imagine your Diesel blend of choice in a smoke that lasts well over 2 hours, pumps up the flavors you have come to adore & still remains reasonably priced. That's a slice of heaven if you ask me. With one caveat. They are limited edition & now that they are out of stock, I fear we may never see them again. Same for the incredibly delicious "Unholy Cocktail" Diesel Special Edition Corona Tin. They only made 4,000 of them. Or 120k total stogies. Now they are gone & I wish I had squirreled away 4 or 5 Tins, just in case they decide not to repeat the effort. Although, Lord knows why they wouldn't produce all of the odd sized Diesel offerings we have seen in the past & offer up several new sizes in the future. The 6 X 50 Toro that graces the CI's Kitchen Sink sampler is another one. Even the Six Pack Gift Set has a slightly longer version of the standard Unholy Cocktail. I love them all. Or should I say I love all things Diesel. All things Diesel & all things AJ "Abel" Fernandez. A recent inventory of my cigars revealed that out of 125 vitolas in the Tuscany humidor, 104 were AJ blends. Except for the fact that I have to have a good supply of Alan Rubin's amazingly outstanding cigars on hand at all times, damn near every spleef I own is a Fernandez! Why not? Take the Salomons that are the subject of this review. The Diesel Salomon garners a 92 rating, while Hair of the Dog Salomon grabs a 93. Last but not least is the incomparable, extraordinary Unlimited Salomon & its almost weird flavor profile that features hints of menthol. A 94. Hopefully they will be back at some point. I eagerly await that day.
You won't be disappointed with these sticks. You can easily get a 2 hour burn off these guys.
Awesome cigars! My new favorite!
I wanted to try some Diesel's before going in on a full box and I wasn't let down. I liked the Diesel Unlimited the best buy I'm a fan of full cigars, the kind that put hair on your chest and this was true with the Diesel Unlimited. It wasn't overbearing but just a pleasant smoke. The Unholy Cocktail was also great, and the Hair of the Dog was another great full flavor smoke. To me, it was not as strong as the Unlimited but still the perfect full flavor I search the ends of the earth for. If you're looking to try what Diesel has to offer, man up, less a couple shirt buttons down and order this.....then smoke them like a man.