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Hoyo de Tradicion Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hoyo de Tradicion”

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5 out of 5
A smoothe smoke!
Always enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Tradicion Toro
Very good cigar.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Tradicion Epicure
the Tradicion epicure is one of my favorite cigars
Customer Testimonials
Hoyo De Monterrey's HDT series is a masterpiece, plain and simple. One reviewer above described it as a cross between a classic Padrón and a Connecticut-wrapped Honduran Sancho Panza, and that's a very good place to start, keeping in mind that what you actually get with these Hoyos is a good bit more subtle than either of those two. The last two inches of the HDT Corona, in particular, might be the best final third of any cigar I've ever smoked, with the flavors remaining dynamic, complex, and ever-shifting all the way to the nub. This is what impressed me most about the Hoyo De Tradición— it's a different cigar at the end than it was when I lit it up, in the best possible sense.
I will predict that this cigar will end up in CA with a 92 or better. One of the best cigars I have tried this year. Like another has said, it blows the rest of the Hoya line away!
I bought a 5-pack of Hoyo de Tradicion in March 2009. Smoked 4 of them throughout the year---they were good but seemed to have a touch of harshness. Smoked the last one today (4/11/10)---over a year after ordering. WOW!! What a sweet prelight aroma and rich taste! Smelled just like honey. It was much more balanced. I wish I had aged the others, too.
Fellow cigar lovers this is a cigar that you will find and fall in love with,, if everyone knew this cigar was one of the top 25 cigars of the year, CI would probably be back ordered, oops i think i just gave it away! Yes This beauty at the low affordable price which we all have come to expect and enjoy made the top 25 cigars of the year in Cigar Aficionado. I enjoy this blend of cigars by several box orders, for i always want to be sure i have this cigar in stock. I could give you my take on what it tastes like and details but that is an experience you yourself will have to experience. SO when you get a box be sure to let them rest, and yes i know that can be hard for us all at times but do that for a week minimum with the proper humidor setup then break one of these bad boys out sit back and enjoy this wonder and smile knowing you got a heck of a cigar at a bargain while enjoying the flavor/blend! This cigar sells very fast, so fast you cannot hardly get your hands on them in a local cigar shop here, but i will always find myself being the good guy of the group at the members only lounge mentioning to people where they can get awesome cigars and prices along with the best customer service in the cigar business.*
Alright, I have the perfect way to describe this cigar(Hoyo de Tradicion) - a cross between a Padron and a Sancho Panza Honduras. That's it exactly. They took the best of both and put it in this cigar. I'm not a big Padron fan and sometimes the Sancho Panza is a little out there for me, but this cigar blends just enough of both to be really good. This cigar and the Dark Sumatra are the top two Hoyo's in my book.
Nice medium cigar with quite an even burn, excellent draw and pleasing flavour. (Hoyo de Tradicion) Seemed to start out a bit spicy but calmed down almost immediately. Firm ash.
Great taste,a full experience (Hoyo de Tradicion) it beats the Hoyo clan to the finish. And You get the traditional 25 sticks not the terrible industry 20 stick con game that should end as soon a possible.
The Hoyo de Tradicion is a fabulous cigar that I've recently fallen in love with. It's mild enough to be smoked at any time of the day but doesn't fall short on flavor. This one doesn't disappoint.