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Punch Gran Puro

A bold step up from the traditional Punch brand.

Introducing, the Punch Gran Puro cigar. That’s right, puro. The ancient Punch brand has now utilized everything that the San Agustin Valley of Honduras has to offer by creating a robust all-Honduran leaf cigar to tantalize your taste buds. But that’s not all; this powerful recipe features a spicy Havana-seed sun-grown wrapper, along with a sun-grown binder. You guessed it: this puppy has some punch (no pun intended). Medium to full bodied, this rich peppery treat will definitely hold your attention for a good hour and a half.

Punch Gran Puro received a well-deserved 91-rating noting: "This chocolate brown robusto burns perfectly even and draws well, delivering sweet and floral smoke with profound undertones of leather, dried red fruit and a hint of cinammon."

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Pico Bonito (Toro) (6.0"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $31.00 $24.00
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Pico Bonito + Tin of 20
BOX OF 25 In Stock $155.00 $112.25
Rancho (Robusto) (5.5"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $31.50 $24.50
Free Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos
For a limited time, receive a Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos (worth $14) for FREE with every qualifying box purchase!
Rancho + Tin of 20
BOX OF 25 In Stock $157.50 $114.05
Santa Rita (Robusto) (4.5"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $26.00 $20.50
Free Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos
For a limited time, receive a Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos (worth $14) for FREE with every qualifying box purchase!
Santa Rita + Tin of 20
BOX OF 25 In Stock $130.00 $93.95
Sesenta (Gordo) (6.2"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $32.50 $25.50
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Sesenta + Tin of 20
BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $95.08
Sierra (Double Corona) (6.5"x48)
5-PACK In Stock $31.00 $24.50
Free Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos
For a limited time, receive a Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos (worth $14) for FREE with every qualifying box purchase!
Sierra + Tin of 20
BOX OF 25 In Stock $155.00 $112.55
Overall Rating 4.05 out of 5 Based on 19 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Punch Gran Puro”

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4 out of 5
Solid Smoke
Always a favorite on the course. Nice even burn and medium plus taste.
4 out of 5
As usual very satisfying choice
Don't really know. Must say they have been well received by others
1 out of 5
a punch below the belt!
Very poor paper-like flavor extremely disappointing texture , burn and quality, I 've smoked Punch cigars for 3 plus decades and this is an insult to quality, don't buy it if you seek fine puros!
2 out of 5
Harsh and cracked wrapper
5 out of 5
Punch Gran Puro
Been smoking these Punch cigars for months after searching for years for a cigar that pleases me. These are the ones. Good service and prices from Cigars International. Thanks.
5 out of 5
Stunningly smooth
I've recently gone away from heavy Maduro Cigars. These are different, very smooth and delicate. Even burners, great smoke.
5 out of 5
I nurse that bad-boy down
I nurse that bad-boy down to the nub for about an hour. Great flavor all the way.
5 out of 5
Perfect construction, perfect performance. Jalapeño like spice up front, then transitions into a salty sweetness ( almost a chocolate covered pretzel flavor). Then settles into a sweet leather towards the nub. Very slight harshness in the throat. Loved it! Not for lightweights!
5 out of 5
Perfect construction, perfect performance. Jalapeño like spice up front, then transitions into a salty sweetness ( almost a chocolate covered pretzel flavor). Then settles into a sweet leather towards the nub. Very slight harshness in the throat. Loved it! Not for lightweights!
5 out of 5
it's the best
It's my all time favorite go to cigar!
5 out of 5
Quick service
Order was delivered very quickly
5 out of 5
Excellent as expected
Excellent as expected
5 out of 5
Punch Gran Puro, a Knockout Buy!
I think that these are a very underrated smoke. Great construction, flavor, full of smoke and burns perfect. For the price I am blown away. These are very comparable to cigars that can run twice or three times as much even at online prices.
4 out of 5
Firm. Passes the "last 2 inches" test.
1 out of 5
Usually good
I recently purchased a box of Punch Gran Puro Sierra's and was surprised to take the first one out of the box and come to find that they were extremely dry. I usually have good expieriences with Cigar International, however this time was less than satisfactory.
4 out of 5
Good medium + body cigar. Peppery, savory dried herbs and hints of dark chocolate powder.
2 out of 5
Too tight construction
3 of the 5 cigars, in fact the first 3 so likely the remaining will follow suit, were so tightly wrapped the draw was incredibly difficult. Tried using a skewer to open some but not much improvement. Not enjoyable though the flavor appeared to be satisfactory. Disappointing but assume it to be due to that batch and hopefully not indicative of all.
5 out of 5
Nice cigar.I have the Gran
Nice cigar.I have the Gran Puro if I want something a little bit more mild.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Enjoyed cigar
Customer Testimonials
This a very, very good cigar. Top of the line in flavor. Nice even burn, and well worth the price. Honestly you can't go wrong. Enough said.
One of my favorites; has been my go-to smoke for years. Always consistent, great flavor, even burn to the very nub end. You cannot go wrong with Punch!
The first non infused cigar I smoked was the Punch Gran Puro. I have never looked back. I just received a box of 6.2x60 from CI and I am smoking one right out of the box and it is GREAT! I can't wait till they mellow in the humidor for awhile. I have noticed all Punch cigars have peppery taste for about the first half inch then mellow out to a very smooth, leathery and woodsy flavor. This is the first box of Punch I have bought and at the CI price I will buy more.
Outstanding smoke, great flavor for puro decent price great construction. Highly recommended. I get these in a sampler with Diesel for about < 3$ per.
Just received a 5 pack of the Punch Gran Puro. Lit one up after 2 days conditioning. I find this stick harsh. However my "go to" cigar is ONYX Reserve. So maybe not a fair comparison? I'll leave the other 4 in the humidor for a few weeks and try again.
What a great smoke. Spice and leather abound in this stick. It is on the heavy side and I like that it lives up to the name of Punch. I prefer the libertad tubo because the cedar lining really adds something to the flavor. It's not that the others lack, it is more like the tubo gets a bonus flavor boost. A nice Honduran Puro and any fan of Punch will love this stick. I give it four puffs of smoke out of five.
Picked up a Punch Gran Puro from a buddy after loaning him some gear (a common commodity among my circle of friends). Having never smoked a Punch this little jewel sat in my humidor for a few months until I had time to devote to it. Finally fired it up tonight while enjoying a cool crisp autumn night in my garage. Was very impressed with the Gran Puro (and Punch in general). Nicely constructed cigar with good taste throughout the hour and a half burn. Probably one of the best medium-full bodied cigar I've had.
These Punches didn't last long! Nice cigars.
What a great smoke... I'm a fan of the Punch brand as I find them to be a great value for the money. Also, I like the packaging they do.. Classic cigar boxes with cool cigar art.. Classy looking bands.. Put that together with the quality of the actual cigar and the good pricing, it's no wonder I keep coming back to the Punch brand..
Rancho size. Easy draw, nice even burn. Tons of smoke. Lots of pepper and leather, not a lot of complexity beyond that but in this case that isn't a detriment to the character at all. I still have 4 left but I'm already considering adding a box to my humidor just to have plenty of this simple satisfying smoke around.
The Punch Gran Puro is an awesome cigar. Great with Scotch, Cognac and also a good IPA Beer. Very smooth, spicy and filled with flavor from light up to finish.
I have smoked a lot of Punch' in my life...all have been great on the flair of their smoke volume, burn consistency and out and out flavor...the Gran Puro raises the height (think Fosbury Flop, high jump, and I know I'm dating myself,. lol) of a really great cigar that I will keep in my rotation...pity, I only have the one I am smoking...will have to order a 5 pack or scan CI's great samplers for another...early bird gets the worm, so sayeth my Uncle after sleeping too far in to the morning and I caught a 10 pound rainbow on the spot he targeted the day before.
I usually prefer a maduro medium to full body cigar. I got this in the "corn fed" sampler and have never been impressed by the PUNCH brand in general. When I first lit this in a rancho size the first few puffs after lighting were very harsh. I lit it and walked away for a minute, thinking my notions about punch were true again. But when I came back and took another draw I was completely surprised!! This cigar had a nice smooth flavor, toasted nut, I'm thinking almond. THIS IS A GREAT CIGAR!! WOW!! LOVE IT!!
Punch Gran Puro - Lagunas 4.0 x 38 If you even come close to inhaling this little beast you’re going to hack up a lung … In my quest for a 4” “go-to” winter smoke I ran across the Lagunas. It’s without a doubt a cosmetically fine looking 4”er with a decent ring gauge. The build is excellent, the draw is fabulous, even the label somehow looks better than most on this thing. Price is awesome. If you like plumes of smoke … it’s a winner. It’s easy to blow rings with this little guy that will impress the best of them. The ash is good looking and stays on forever, and when it drops, if you are standing outside, it lands with a gratifying thud. But then there is the flavor. It’s one dimensional in that it’s a consistent blast of metal, spice and hay all in one. There’s just no need to describe it any farther than that unless you know what it tastes like after working in a hay loft (your whole mouth even tingles for a couple of minutes afterward just like said barn). You just can’t rush this little guy and if you even come close to inhaling it, you’ll hack like a king - but that’s not to say I wouldn’t buy more. I’ll keep them on hand and have one now and again when I want to force myself to slow down. I guess like any good “Punch,” this one will leave you sitting and a little light headed.
First, I have never had a Punch cigar that I haven't enjoyed. Forget the price these cigars are always well constructed, excellent draw and taste. If you like a mid/full bodied smoke you really cannot go wrong. Punch London Club's and Rothchilds are my daily smokes and when ordering last time CI offered a 3 cigar Gran Puro upgrade for $3.00 extra. Took the deal which really was more of a steal for these smokes. The Boniotos are serious cigars and as some have already mentioned not a complex taste but, peppery with a hint of leather with lots of smoke. Though, I do disagree with some this is not a novice cigar. This is a Med/Full bodied smoke (yeah!). The burn and ash are also excellent making for a great smoke.
These puppies packed a "Punch" seriously! I purchased the Punch Gran Puro Leather Case Combo and was completely satisfied. It had a super slow burn, with notes of spice, cedar, and earth. The draw was smooth. A very spicy cigar, great for those cold mornings.
What can I say about Punch Gran Puro? Not enough... Well, the snow is starting to melt and I needed something to puff on while rigging a few of many fishing rods for tomorrows venture to the Fox River. I ordered these 6/2008, about 21 months ago and they have been box aging in my humidor since. I've smoked one here and there. THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER. Construction is good and burn is even. Is it complex? NO. But who cares? It has a pleasant woodsy-pepper taste from light-up to burn-out. Very consistent! I've heard that they are a "good" smoke for $3 a stick, but I think that is understating this gem just a bit. They are not a $3 stick IMHO and definitely not a yard gar! I can, with great confidence, recommend these to "noob" and "pro" alike. Punch gets a bad rap as sort of generic smokes that you hand out to those "mooches" who like to raid your humi. Well, Punch Gran Puro DOES NOT fall into that category. Is it an Ashton VSG or Padron 1926? Of course not. It is a great, consistent smoke that never fails to satisfy. I will always try to have these on hand. I prefer the Pico Bonito (toro) size. Buy 'em by the box! You won't regret it. Smoke well, my friends.
I was in a cigar store and trying to find something smokable for about 5 dollars that would not make me fell like i had bought something packed with dried lawn leaves and lawn clippings. They had a punch gran puro in the robusto size and I bought it smoked it and that day ordered two boxes of the rancho size. After that was done i got four boxes of the rancho size and so on and so forth. I just ordered three more boxes and i love this cigar. I love that it is one flavor and one flavor only. It is a nice strong full flavored cigar that makes you sit down to smoke it. Even though i live in japan at the moment and have access to the cuban brands i still order this cigar. I am not saying that this is a cuban like a montecristo or a cohiba but it is not 20 to 40 dollars a stick either. I have smoked many brands of cigars and these are the best i have found for the money. That is a box of 25 for under 100 dollars. Do yourself a favor and at least do a five pack. I pormise you after that you will buy the 25 pack.
Without a doubt the BEST all round everyday cigar on the market.
This baby burned perfect, and that great Punch smell and creamy flavor came through right off (did not have to wait and inch). Full flavor but smooth all through. This baby is a sit down cigar, pure and simple.
Punch was the first cigar I ever smoked, and have loved them every since. You just can't go wrong with a Punch.
This is my primary cigar of choice. After the disapearance of the Alec Bradley Criollo 98 I could not find a cigar that was as satisfying at this price point until I opted to try the Punch Grand Puro. I prefer the Rancho size overall but all burn evenly, have an easy draw and ample amount of flavor and smoke. Punch simply builds a quality cigar and with ratings in the upper 80's the Puro is a great everyday smoke and yet easy on the wallet. Enjoy...
Color me excited with my recently purchased box of Santa Rita's. I've smoked Punch's Rare Corojo and I had hoped the Puro would exceed my expectations. All around enjoyable stick, excellent flavor that starts out leathery and creamy that developed into a superb full flavored experience shortly thereafter. The after taste left my mouth watering for more, the draw was spot on and the copious amounts of smoke left no corner of my mouth unsatisfied. These have earned a permanent spot in my humidor as an everyday back porch cigar.
The Punch Gran Puro is a very nce smoke. I like this the best of the Punch Hondurans I have tried. (I have not smoked a rare Corojo yet) I agree with MO of Modesto - this is a nice testament to Honduran hand-mades. Tasty, rich, spicy, and smooth. This cigar can be enjoyed by nearly any smoker - it is rich, but not so full that it will overcome infrequent or girly-pants (i.e., Macapoodle) cigar smokers. It is a solid medium bodied cigar, with a moderate amount of "stomach-feel" as you get to the half way point. There is not a lot of evolution to the flavor, but the flavor is quite nice. I would rate this around an 87. Fully enjoyable cigar at a great CI price. The Santa Rita size is a nice value and a real "spark-plug" for the tatste-buds. At the box price CI offers, this is an easy buy. Good for morning, noon, or night. Best after a nice meal with a good Bourbon.
The Punch Gran Puro embodies all of the characteristics of Honduran cigars and why I love them! They are full, flavorful, and to my palate most memorable. The little Santa Rita's are perfect during these winter months when smoking time is very limited due to freezing weather. During the warmer months something a bit larger will fit the bill, but for now in January these babies do the job well! Great smoke!
Solid construction, flawless wrapper (Punch Gran Puro). Pure, crisp tobacco taste. Not overly complex, but a refreshing change of pace back to the simpler times. Nice firm ash and steady even burn. Nice cigar!!!
Totally shocked by this one (Punch Gran Puro). Did not expect so much "punch". The little Santa Rita set my head spinning for another hour or better...Can't wait to order another
The Gran Puro (Punch Gran Puro) is without a doubt one of the best all around smokes on the market. Great flavor, great burn at a very reasonable price. Punch rocks!!!
The Punch Gran Puro is the best honduran cigar I've smoked. It has a strong flavor and brings the best out of honduran tabacco's but this is to be expected from punch, their yet to disapoint me.

Punch Gran Puro

Brandon S

With 23 million sticks in our monstrous humidor at any given time it can be tough to single out a cigar to review. I know, I know…poor Brando. Millions of premium cigars at your disposal and you can’t find one to write a review on? You’re right, it’s pathetic. Truth is, much of our time is spent evaluating new blends for upcoming releases and at any given time there are at least a few hundred sample blends (seriously!) needing to be smoked. That’s actually part of the joy in writing these editor’s picks because it gives me an opportunity to smoke a blend that’s been on the market for a while and compare it to various projects we’re working on now. With that in mind I received an email from a buddy I’ll call Staff Sergeant Chuck asking me to review the Punch Gran Puro. First off, as you can see, Staff Sergeant Chuck is in the military (the Army to be specific) and I’m sure I’m not the first person to say it but, Staff Sergeant Chuck, thank you from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your time to serving this great nation of ours and protecting the freedoms we enjoy every day as American citizens. That goes for every one of you reading this who have bravely served in the United States Armed Forces, thank you.

Now, after convincing the boss to let me “borrow” a 5-pack of the Punch Gran Puros from the humidor for a little research I’m back at my desk where I can examine these beefy cigars. I grabbed a pack of the Pico Bonito (6x50) for this review because I’m a big fan of the toro size. To me they are ideal for tasting since they provide enough length to determine complexity but don’t take more than an hour to burn through. The Gran Puro as you might have guessed is a true Honduran puro meaning that all of the tobaccos in the cigar are from one country. In the case of the Punch Gran Puro the wrapper is a Havana-seed Sungrown wrapper which typically means good things if you like full-bodied and flavorful cigars. Direct exposure to the sun means more strength as well as a more leathery texture which is obvious if you take a good look at this stick. The binder on the Gran Puro is also a Sungrown leaf which adds to strength of the Gran Puro. Setting fire to the foot the first few draws are rich and produce a robust flavor that I will describe as nutty and earthy. Cigars that are “puros” really give you an opportunity to zero in on the specific flavors that the soils impart into the tobacco. True to my experiences with Honduran tobacco, the Gran Puro offers a mellow yet very rich smoking experience while producing gigundo clouds of bluish-yellow smoke. The sungrown tobacco yields a subtle spice up front but one that is much more pronounced on the back and sides of the tongue as the Gran Puro continues to burn. Halfway through and to be honest, this smoke has me sweating a little. It’s definitely stronger than I recall and lives up to the name Punch. Not a ton of complexity in the Gran Puro but to be honest, I’m thinking that I prefer it that way. This is an enjoyable smoke right from the start and while the spice builds throughout, the flavor never changes all that much. As far as the quality of construction goes, I’ll have to agree with Staff Sergeant Chuck on this one. It’s simply top notch. Densely packed and heavy in the hand but still draws effortlessly and razor sharp. I’ve visited General Cigars factories on more than one occasion and I can tell you first hand that there are very few cigar makers who take quality to the level that these folks do. Where other companies have a 5-step process for quality-control General Cigar has 12 and that ain’t no joke.

Having smoked my Gran Puro down to the nub I’m quite pleased with it. It has delivered a fine smoking experience and the truth is I think it’s a pretty good value for the dollar. Yes, SCHIP is right around the corner and prices are going to go up across the board thanks to the meatballs in Washington but at the end of the day the Punch Gran Puro may still prove to be a good value for the dollar. That’s just my two cents though. The true beauty of smoking cigars above all else is that it’s really only your opinion that matters.

Staff Sergeant Chuck, I hope this review meets your approval my friend! Thanks for taking the time to write and thanks again for serving this great country!

Free Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos

Free Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos

For a limited time, receive a Tin of 20 Punch Cigarillos (worth $14) for FREE with every qualifying box purchase!
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