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Whiff Out - Cigars International

2965 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Jul 02 2015, 9:04AM
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Stop stinkin' and start thinkin' Whiff Out!

Tired of that lingering ash tray smell? Wish you could make it disappear?

Well now you can with the miraculous Whiff Out…the odor eliminating super powder that knocks the funk out of your ash trays!

Simply pour a small amount of Whiff Out into all of your indoor and outdoor ash receptacles and presto!

The result is a clean and pleasant scent that even your mother could love!

No need to extinguish or dip your cigars in the powder…just put your cigar down in your ash tray and let the magic of Whiff Out tackle the odors for you.

The secret is in the ultrafine crystalline deodorant powder with surface-acting scent technology, which fights even the most unpleasant of odors…head on!

Untreated ash trays can be offensive and downright disgusting!

Stop “stinkin” and start “thinkin” Whiff Out!

Create a more luxurious environment for your car, home or office by substituting that putrid ash tray smell with the pleasing and refreshing scent of Whiff Out!

It’s time to give your nose a better sniff…no doubt. Eliminate your ash tray odors today with Whiff Out!

Don’t wait; pick some up from Cigars International today!