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Colibri Julius Lighter Overview - Cigars International

1360 views Uploaded by Cigars International on Aug 04 2016, 9:00AM
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The formality of lighting a cigar is one of convention and precision…and it starts with the appropriate instrument.

The Colibi Julius comes handsomely dressed in a gripping diamond pattern case and is equipped with a hefty double soft flame that provides a strong natural burn.

Ignition is effortless with the oversized roll bar, and the angled flame is easily increased with a slight twist of the new touch fuel wheel.

This elegant yet masculine lighting apparatus is not only wind resistant, but is altitude tested up to 12,000ft!

And thanks to the Julius’s easy to read blue fuel level window, you’ll never run out of fuel again.

I won’t be bashful about this one: Colibri Julius is a masterpiece. Pickup this epic achievement in lighter manufacturing from Cigars International today!