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Customer Reviews

Welcome To CI Nation!

Please note: reviews are posted periodically. Keep the cursing to a minimum and the content useful and we'll probably put it up — negative or positive. Just be aware, it might take up to 1 week to post. Correcting the innumerable spelling and grammar mistakes takes time. We're just trying to make you guys look smart, fair enough?

""Wow!! I finally signed up for the cigar of the month club 4 pack specials. I am very impressed. Got 4 nice smokes I was wanting to try ,a nice 4 page flyer discribing the cigars (with places to make notes). It also includes other neat tidbits. Money well spent.Once again CI comes through with another great deal. If you are not a member, you should be. with this package CI gives me a chance to try smokes he does not stock . Thanks."
— DS of Azle, TX
"...I run the sales department at a car dealership where the owners goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of her employees and their families. It is great to know I do my "cigar business" with a company that has similar values towards it's employees and customers."
— TM of Tacoma, WA
"..and I don't normally trust reviewers. I am, however, a marketing whore and tend to get caught up in the hype of the creative advertising writers. Especially when it comes to cigars. Akin to chicken wings and steaks smothered in sauteed mushrooms, cigars set off my taste buds like a steroid-crazed linebacker with a bead on an arthritic quarterback. In other words, an easy mark. So I really appreciate  a common sense approach to reviews. Thanks! Now to see if the wings place is open before noon!!"
— PA of Chicago, IL
"A newbie to cigars, it's been a little over a year since a friend introduced me to this fine past time and hobby. You folks are great, Shipping--Y'all could teach a lot of companies how to do it right. Service--nicest Customer Service bunch I've ever dealt with...10 Thumbs Up. Cigars--Favorite--Indian Tabac Super Fuente Toro, Legends Red Label, Fire, anywho---not one of the many that I've tried were bad--Love the Full Bodied smokes. The Cigar festival was great, plan on going again next year. Just A Fantastic Group of Fine Folks....and Products... Keep Up The Great work.. "
— SA of Louisville, TN
"A short while back I jumped on a special y'all offered on bundles of Rocky Patel's Connecticut. Then you did it again with his Vintage series Petite Coronas. Are y'all trying to get me banished to the couch for good? My wife is a good sport, but I've been advised that my boyish charms and puppy dog face won't work anymore. We'll see! Any time you want to put ANY of Rocky's exquisite creations on special, well, I'm willing to take that chance. Our couch is mighty comfy. Keep bringing it on. Y'all are the best! Thanks."
— KT of Ponchatoula, LA
"A Very Sad Day... For, you see, today I smoked my last Sauza cigar by Drew Estate. That beautiful box is now empty. It became my favorite cigar for a number of reasons, its great draw, booming out clouds of smoke, its tasty butterscotch flavor (great with Mountain Dew!). It was also the only cigar in my 30+ years of smoking the little devils that as soon as I finished one, I was ready to light up another. Purchased a box of the Don Eliados from you when they were on sale a while back. Glad I did. But still...sniff..a sad day... Keep up the good work!"
— PH of BAgoura Hills, CA
"About 2 years ago I quit cigars. My CI humidor had about 20 cigars in it when I was struck with the need to become pious. However, thanks to your monthly catalogs I have seen the light. By the way, the cigars in the humidor (which I kept properly humidified...just in case) were pretty damn good and they were the cheapo CI Macanudo knock-offs and MISTAKES. I wish I could afford the really good cigars in your inventory but the knockoffs are good enough for me. I just ordered 2 more bundles today. Keep up the good work and thanks for saving me from a life without CI!"
— EJ of Hingham, MA
"Absolutely outstanding service. The customer service answered my questions quickly, and I received my shipment ridiculously fast. I ordered on a Friday night, I got my shipment on Monday. Thanks CI!"
— AK of Santa Clara, CA
"After dealing with some other internet stores, I just wanted to let you know just how great your website is setup. Whenever I want to check on my current and past orders all I have to do is to go to my account on your website. It also tells me exactly what is going on with my order including any backorder items. Your confirmation of shipment notice is awesome as all I have to do is to click on the ups bar and bam, I'm on the ups site looking at my order status. Some of the other sites don't even have provisions to check on your order! Other don't even provide you with a PO number of any form of confirmation. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on this. Keep up the great work!"
— DK of Fullerton, CA
"After lighting my first cigar from the Christmas Chest I knew I had to order a second Chest immediately. I hope you'll be able to offer something similar all year."
— TL of Austin, MN
"After several orders, I figured it was time I dropped you a line to let you know what I think of your products and service. I’m quite new to cigars, and first heard of you via an ad insert for your $10 sampler offer. I was cautious – okay, skeptical – so I looked you up online and was immediately impressed by the breadth, depth, and tone of your website. The other major online cigar retailers had sites that were so frustrating to navigate, and so lacking in useful information, that even if they offered lower prices I would not be tempted to give them my business. Your site, on the other hand, made it easy to find and compare brands, and the attitude was welcoming and informative. It was like sitting down with a buddy and being shown the ropes. Add to that your speedy and professional service, and I was sold. My approach to cigars has been like my approach to beers or wines or different cuisines: I dive right in and experiment with whatever strikes my fancy, whether high-end or bargain-basement, to see what I like and what I don’t. Some call it scattershot, but I call it open-minded. Eventually patterns emerge, but I’m always happy to be surprised. Of the smokes I’ve tried so far, my favorites are Puck, Cibao, the Victor Sinclair "Yellow" Cameroon, Bohemian Bamboo, and the marvelous Gurkha Regent. (Yes, I have rather catholic tastes.) I’m looking forward to exploring gradually more full-bodied and complex smokes – you’ll probably see me ordering more of your interesting samplers. I appreciate that you offer so many brands as 5-packs, making top-shelf labels affordable for those of us on a budget. So thanks for all the stuff you’re doing right, and keep up the good work! "
— MS of North Versailles, PA
"All of my shipment(s) have been received and already being enjoyed. I want to thank you for the prompt responses as well as the freshness of my favorite cigars. The only thing better than the cigars is and has been the outstanding customer service that I can always count on.... "
— SW of Battle Creek, MI
"An occasional cigar brightens my day and I look forward to doing business with you into every new year. Thanks again."
— TM of Houston, TX
"And a happy holiday season to you. Your company has given me good service this year. I commend you!"
— LW of Houston, TX
"Another great deal from CI, this time on a tasty Joya de Nicaragua assortment. (Joya de Nicaragua Mega-Sampler) One thing I never get used to is how fast the shipments arrive! I suspect that the UPS driver is rolling them on the truck."
— MB of Rochester Hills, MI
"As a military member stationed in Germany, I am very thankful for CI. Not only do they have great prices and a huge selection, they have the best shipping rates of all their competitors. Keep up the great work and thank you for supporting the troops!"
— RH of Apo, AE
"I have made several orders on CI over the past two months. Your customer service and selection has been second to none!"
— TL of Stevens Point, WI
"As far as bang for your buck it would be hard to beat any of the 5 Vegas, but the Limitada '05 is truly exceptional. That sun grown wrapper and complex blend of fillers is perfect. They're a little pricy for my budget, but I'll be sure to pick up a few samplers that include them so I have some for those "special occasions". Thanks for introducing me to them. Well done!"
— KT of Ponchatoula, LA
"As I sit here tugging on one of your fine cigars, I must tell you how fantastic your company is! You provide excellent customer service in addition to cigars that arrive in a timely manner in perfect condition. Your cigars are a testement to the care and dilligence your people put into the maintainance of your humidors. I can rip open a box right off the truck knowing that the smoke will be strong and pure.....Just like mama used to make. I came from Kentucky where we tended our tobacco fields for shipment to R.J.Renolds and the like. Gramma used to hand roll cigars for us as we sat on the porch after dinner. No....maybe it were'nt the fine cigars I buy from you and lovingly stash into my 150 capacity humidor......But by God it was with the same loving care you guys put into all that you do for your eager,appreciative customers! Kudos to you and you wonderful sales and customer service departments. It is a rare thing indeed to see a company who cars and takes care of the cigar lovers of the me!!! Keep up the good work my friend......word or mouth is the best advertisment, and my lips are flapping constantly! I love cigars international! "
— WH of North Olmstead, OH
"As I've turned into my father and grandfather, I've developed a terrific hunger for good cigars. While my predecessors chose to smoke Dutchmasters, CI has introduced me to the world outside the liquor store cigar. I'm sure my DNA givers would have truly appreciated the good life I enjoy because of your reasonably priced premium cigars. I've never been disappointed with your suggestions. I love the catalog. And I love perusing the exceptionally user friendly web site. Now, if I was rich, in addition to good looking, my life would be complete."
— PK of Chicago, IL
"Awesome deals, excellent cigars, superior service. Doesn't get any better than this! Thanks a mill, CI."
— JR of Harvey, LA
"Being a novice to the cigar world, CI has opened my eyes to the great world of quality smokes. Not pushing the overrated big name brands and giving honest ratings for every cigar whether it be a big company or a boutique brand makes CI the best company I have come across on the internet hands down. Cigar of the month club really lets a novice like myself get a taste of all different cigars and the specials that they send to the club members are amazing steals. Keep up the good work CI, you continue to outdue yourselves!!"
— JP of East Rutherford, NJ
"Best Cigarfest yet,this is my third. Really enjoy the Brunch, sitting with the vendors and making new friends. The staggered enterance was a good idea,it put a stop to the longs lines. The Split Rock resort is a great place to hold the event. See you next year."
— KH of Natick, MA
"Bravo! And thank you for your enthusiasm of such a simple pleasure as smoking a fine cigar! Happy Holidays!"
— PC of Lowell, MA
"By far the best place anywhere to buy a cigar. Always great priced and always delivered fresh and perfect.Never had a problem yet and I don't expect to. Also the Cigarfest was the best time i had all year long. Can't wait for this years fest. Thank You"
— FP of West Reading, PA
"C-Fest was a total blast from the parties to the great deals. We will return next year. Thanks too everyone who made this weekend happen! chris......"
— CM of Topeka, KS
"Can't say enough about the deals and service CI provides. Have compared prices with more than a couple of other mail order houses and CI either beats or ties them all. The selection is great and the descriptions/reviews are right on. My orders are processed immediately and in most cases recieved within a day of ordering. I also appreciate not having been bothered by phones calls trying to get me to buy something else as some of your competitors do. Keep up the good work and looking forward to doing business with you in the future."
— RB of Ellington, CT
"CI by far provides by far the best online cigar buying experience.There cigars arrive quick and well packaged.The phone reps are always very cheerfull and helpful.I have used a few other well know mail order cigar services.However, subsequent to dealing with CI all my online cigar serfvices have been done with them.I would also like to add that unlike Thompson cigars, CI normally is stocked with what they advertise."
— JB of Queensbury, NY
"CI Customer Service is exactly that! They're the real deal. You can't find that kinda of service from any other company, cigar-related or not. All the reps I've ever dealt with are top-notch profesisonals. They always answer my questions promptly and always get the job done. None better! If you actually can find a better price elsewhere, it will be rare and it's not going to be by much, so I say forget it, you won't find service anywhere close to CI's. The CI Specials put the competitors to shame. So I say stick with CI, you can't go wrong. "
— LF of MESA, AZ
"ci guys you all are the best , every cigar from your samplers are great fresh top notch i cant say enough about them. im new to the cigar thing , but 1 thing i know 4 shure you guys have a customer 4 life!!!! your the only cigar company in my favorite list. god bless ci associates."
— JS of pound, VA
"CI is my only source for online smokes. Always great quality and never more than a few days until my shipment arrives. Used to use another online source but long delays and poor quality led to my leaving. Keep up the great work CI."
— LG of Neptune City, NJ
"CI Nation - Thank you for the things you do to help us while we are deployed over here in Iraq. It is the efforts of yourself and individuals like you that make everything we do seem worthwhile. In a day and age where all the media seems to do is bash, I salute you, for standing by and supporting us. GOD BLESS YOU!"
— DL of FPO, AP
"CI Rocks!"
— JS of Beaverton, OR
"CI shipment on the way You guys are the best! Very fast shipping, great service, great products, and the best prices. Heck, I may not even smoke the cigars, but I'll keep ordering just because everything goes so smoothly with Cigars International!"
— DV of Shaker Heights , OH
— RB of Buffalo, NY
"Cigars International has great products, great service and a very witty catalog. Thanks to Cigars International I'm no longer a cigar beginner. Thanks CI"
— DO of Pahrump, NV
"Congrats, congrats, congrats! Many weeks ago I received your catalog but it got boxed up in the process of moving before I was able to look it over. Long story short, I finally did and was blown away by your diverse selection, beautifully displayed and adequately described. AND by your prices which are aggressive enough to invite even me back to the handmade cigar market. I've looked at it now for three days and am a little pumped. Please pass on my gratitude along to the owners of CI if that's possible."
— KE of LaPine, OR
"DANG! You guys have done it again! Giving me 10 more of my favorite cigar for the same box of 24 price! Incredible! I knew I did the right thing when I switched to Cigars International from "that other cigar place". And then you have to make me feel even worse about not having converted sooner by offering fantastic specials! I don't know how you guys do it but keep doing it, please!!! You've got my undivided and loyal attention. Attached is a picture of me pouring over the latest CI catalog, looking for more great specials while enjoying one of my favorite cigars from CI! Best regards and thank you for the fantastic offers and great service!"
— JW of Terrell, TX
"Dear CI, You folks absolutely floor me! Please stop providing my insatiable quest for immediate gratification. Not only do you provide an excellent selection of cigars at unbeatable prices, your shipping practices are just as vulgar! I was hoping that my latest order (placed yesterday) would be delivered on Monday the earliest. But no, the Brown truck just drove away. How do you folks expect me to get my work done around the house? Last thing my girlfriend wants to see is me sitting on a lawn chair enjoying the sun and one of your quality smokes. Gee, you're going into a lot of trouble this weekend!"
— PS of Livingston, MT
"Every time I call to place an order with your company Joan is always super-friendly, always has a kind word and really knows her cigars on top of it all. I only wish that every sales person I dealt with in any industry were as totally gracious as she is. In my opinion she is a top-notch employee and she is a big reason why I continue to do business with CI. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, J.S."
— JS of Tigard, OR