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Staff Reviews for April 2010

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    Cain 'F' Series

    Posted , by Jeff K

    I must admit, when I first saw the advertisements for Cain I was completely turned off. I mean, c’mon the motorcycle….and is that the Undertaker? I don’t get it. But maybe I’m just out of touch. So I held off as long as possible….until a couple appeared on my desk. And now I’m regretting not getting into these sooner. I should have known, because I …

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    Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

    Posted , by Steve R

    A few days ago I received an email from a longtime customer of ours. JL of Austin, Texas. Dude is a trip....we always crack on one another. I bleed green (this is no secret) and JL is a Cowboys fan. Rarely will I come into the office on Monday morning between September and January without finding an email from my pal, JL, waiting in my inbox. Usually it contains one or any combination of the …

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