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Staff Reviews for September 2005
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  • CAO Brazilia

    Steve R
    I recently re-introduced myself to CAO Brazilia, my favorite CAO blend prior to the re-release of CAO Black. I particularly enjoy the Brazilia because both the flavor and strength varies drastically between the different sizes. I find, ironically enough, the strength decreases as the size increases. Because of this, my favorite size is the Gol! – a well-fed Robusto shape that boasts a solid …
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  • Gurkha Triple Ligero

    Triple Ligero X3 is a gorgeous cigar that's oozing with oils, sporting a toothy, thick Brazilian maduro wrapper so glorious it's enough to make a grown man cry. Not to lay on too much hyperbole but if this isn't a big hairy beast of a cigar, then it's at least the beast's bad-ass younger brother. Chock full o' ligero tobaccos rife with flavor, thick in texture, and oily from exposure to the sun, …
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  • RP Vintage 2nds

    I've hesitated to write this pick for a few weeks now, I admit it, I was trying to keep these for myself and not let the masses know how awesome a deal this is. I'm not kidding, first time I saw them in our catalog I did a double-take...what? RP Vintage Seconds? Can't be. Well my friends, it's true. Strap me up and call me Sally if I'm not telling ya that these are the best darn Seconds I've ever …
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