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Staff Reviews for July 2005
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  • Macanudo Gold

    Steve R
    I got back to my apartment around 9pm last night and headed straight for the laundry room to do a few loads of wash. Wouldn’t you know it, somebody got there 1 minute before I did and managed to monopolize both washers before I could get a glimpse of his or her face. ONE LOUSY MINUTE! So, I had some time to spare and decided to sit outside with a cigar and glass of lemonade. The smoke of …
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  • Gurkha Doble Maduro

    Steve R
    I’ve been chomping at the bits waiting for this cigar to come in. You see, we received samples of this cigar on the same day as the Triple Ligero X3. If you’ve read my write-up on Triple Ligero, you know I am a fan. Well, between that and the Doble Maduro, I favor the latter. Why? Take the super-smooth richness of a Triple Ligero, but leave out the spicy, robust ligero leaves, and …
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  • Graycliff Espresso

    Brandon S
    You might recall a short time ago when the Robb Report labeled this bad-boy as being “nearly hallucinogenic”. I suppose that might be an applicable description by some, but in my humble opinion it’s merely a buzz word designed to attract attention to Graycliff’s original Espresso line. Certainly the blend is enticing enough with a combination of long-fillers …
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  • Flor del Todo

    This cigar has been around forever, literally as long as my cigar memory serves me. And I can remember the first time I picked up this, um, beauty in about '98, it was a grimy, dry looking blah that tasted just like it looked. I'm not sure who schnookered me into smoking it, but I called it like it smoked and went on referring to it as "flor del doo-doo". Ya know what I mean, like …
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  • Don Diego

    Steve R
    Don Diego is one of those names that’s become synonymous with ‘mild’. It’s a go-to brand for beginners – they know the name, it’s easy to say and you’ll find it in just about any cigar shop across the country. They’re consistent, well-made and make for an easy introduction to the wonderful world of premium handmade cigars. Heck, one of the first …
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