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Staff Reviews for October 2005
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  • Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels

    Well my friends, I've got a doozie for you this month. Like my last pick, this too is very different, not quite as "out there" as the green one, but close. I'm sure I'll get my share of "gonz, I wouldn't try that if you paid me to smoke it" emails, but it's your loss. To legitimize my selection, I'll quote an email from one of my loyal readers (TC of Enid, OK) "you …
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  • Liga IV

    Saturday morning, raining like it's never rained before outside (yet it rained for 8 straight days last week and we're due for another 7 straight this week) and my eyes glued to the Weather Channel as the 3rd major hurricane of the season (Wilma) begins its path toward Florida. What a year, what a terribly stressful year. Perhaps it’s because I'm growing older, but I find myself …
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  • Flor del Todo

    Rolando Reyes, Sr. is tireless. The man is over 80 years old, widely acknowledged as the best blender alive, and he still works like a horse day in and day out. Actually, it's probably more like night in, night out: his work habits are legendary - he sleeps during the day, wakes up late in the afternoon, and then stays up the entire night sorting cigars until rollers arrive the next morning. He …
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  • Oliva ’O’ Maduro

    Brandon S
    ‘O’ Maduro….Oh wow, where do I begin... Like a monkey attracted to a shiny object, I first picked one of these up when the fabric band adorned with gold sparkly stuff caught my eye some years back. I love Maduro cigars and I also love full-bodied cigars and when I first laid my eyes on this beauty it was love at first sight! Oily, dark and superbly constructed, the …
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