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  • Does length really matter? You be the judge!

    Jason B
    Honduras is located in Central America, just northwest of Nicaragua, and is another major cigar producing country. Because of how fertile the soil is, and the amazing climate conditions, tobacco seeds thrive. The history of cigars being produced here is fairly similar to its southern neighbor, Nicaragua. Both countries share a history of civil unrest and have had their share of natural …
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  • Relaxing at the Hudson Bay

    Jason B
    A few perks of working for Cigar’s International are, I get to work next to like minded people, talk to all sorts of customers from around the world, and try a different cigar every single day. Some of the best day’s are when something brand new comes in and we all give it a shot and compare between ourselves what we like or dislike about every cigar that comes through out doors. …
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  • Metrokane Rabbit Automatic Electronic Corkscrew

    Steve R
    More like Metro-CAN! I consider myself a traditionalist. I read books, not tablets. I grill with coals, not gas. In the fall, I don’t use a blower for leaves, I rake them. I hate Keurigs and prefer the old fashioned percolator. The list can go on for days, but I’ll stop there. Like you, I know a lot of folks that like wine, and enjoy it regularly. So this year, I grabbed a couple …
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  • BlendLab WH-554

    Jason B
    It's that time of the year, the time where all of those New Years resolutions that you made just never happened. You know what I am talking about. That gym membership that you purchased two weeks ago, and still haven't gone. Who can blame you, it's just so much more fun to sit at home, in your favorite chair watching football, drinking a beer with the guys, while smoking a cigar. Well, that's …
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  • Ladderball Pro Steel

    Erick V
    Let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of tailgates…Go Phillies...and I have played just about every game in the book while under the influence of certain intoxicants. Washers, Quoits, Corn Hole, KanJam, Flip-Cup, 500, Chandelier, Beer Pong, etc…I’ve done it all. And no matter what, I always find myself partaking in a few rounds of, “Hey! I bet I can beat you in …
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