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Reviews by Brandon S
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CI Legends Pepin Garcia

Brandon S

It goes without saying that Pepin Garcia has exploded onto the cigar scene as one of the premier makers of spicy, full-bodied cigars whose flavor and strength profiles are oh so reminiscent of true Cuban cigars. Just take a gander at the man’s portfolio of blends and you’ll notice that there isn’t a mild or light-bodied cigar in the lineup. Finally, a man after my own heart!

Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy all types of cigars including mild, medium and even some (dare I say it?!?) flavored or infused cigars. However, I’ve found that over time my preferences have migrated towards full-bodied smokes. So, needless to say I was waiting with eager anticipation for this new blend from Pepin to arrive. I snatched up a box real quick like and burned through all 20 over the course of a week…

Out of the box the very first thing I noticed is the triple-cap that adorns the head of this cigar. Triple-caps are a feature that most people associate exclusively with cigars rolled in Cuba and are typically regarded as a sign of superior quality. The cigar itself is solid and heavy in the hand and the Corojo wrapper is thick and shiny with oil. Toasting the foot yields a nutty, earthy aroma that “tingles” the inside of the nose. Upon lighting the cigar my eyes immediately began to tear as a peppery sensation envelops my entire mouth. In true Pepin fashion, this cigar promises to deliver flavor and strength by the boatload! At the one inch mark I find that the spiciness has started to subside. Taking its place is a thick and leathery smoke that is robust in character with a peppery finish. From here on out the cigar slowly gains strength yet remains balanced and enjoyable. Best not to smoke the Legends Yellow label on an empty stomach though! This firecracker will catch up to you in a hurry and will leave you weak in the knees yet giddy with delight. For an everyday “go-to” cigar that is full-bodied, complex and can easily compete with cigars costing three times as much or more, the Legends Yellow label delivers it all and then some.

Trust me on this one. I know that you might be thinking that this is simply a shameless plug to sell you a superior CI private label and well, you’re right. But, Pepin Garcia is a man who just wants to make top-notch cigars regardless of what band he puts on it. In his eyes every cigar that he makes is either first-rate or it doesn’t leave his factory, period.