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Reviews by Steve R
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CI Legends Graycliff

Steve R
Just when I thought my spending was finished this year, BOOM!, in comes a shipment of Legends from Graycliff. We weren’t expecting them to arrive until the early part of ’06 (the boxes aren’t finished), but our jolly friends from the Bahamas decided to send us an early Christmas gift. Naturally, I hounded the receiving crew to get them checked in, allowing me to be the first to make an employee purchase. Graycliff quality for just $5-$6 a cigar? I fully intend on taking advantage of this outstanding opportunity.

Before you ask, I’ll answer: Yes, the masterful hands of Avelino Lara blended this cigar. Yes, the same Avelino Lara that blended the original Cuban Cohiba. Yes, the same Cuban Cohiba that causes so many to practically contemplate selling their limbs just to try one. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to the write-up…

I’ve burned my way through 4 of these cigars prior to writing this review. I want to make sure it’s dead-on, because a lot of customers were ecstatic when word of a Legends by Graycliff got out. Currently, I am enjoying the last from my 5-pack and am now confident after experiencing the same enjoyable smoke from each sample. The wrapper is dry and rough to the touch – not toothy rough, but more of a thick, leathery rough. It’s slightly dark, with a consistent hue from head to toe. The aroma is subtle, with sweet hints of wood. The tight roll and neatly applied cap took to my Xikar with ease, giving access to draw that required the slightest bit of effort. After a quick light I am off and enjoying a cedary blast of flavor that’s smooth and robust. Thick plumes of white smoke fill the office, while a solid, dark ash seems to clasp itself to the end of the cigar. Normally, the initial flavors of a cigar will open with a pop and mellow soon after. This is not the case here. The cedary goodness holds strong right up to the midway point, where (almost instantly) a creamy note of cashews stops by to say hello. Although the visit is short, it’s sweet and a wonderful (unexpected) change of pace, just before the smoky, robust finish. A smooth, flavorful, well-built, spontaneous smoke. And, the best part: this cigar is medium bodied from start to finish - something that can be enjoyed all day long. Yes folks, an every day, all day Graycliff.

The lucky streak continues. Four winners in a row! If only the Eagles could be so fortunate.