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Reviews by Jeff K

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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo

Posted , by Jeff K Shop Now

When the new Perdomo 10th Anniversary line was launched several months ago, I was excited. I had always been a big fan of Perdomo cigars and was eager to dig in. Initially, I smoked through the three different 10th Anniversary blends- Criollo, Maduro, and Champagne (Connecticut). All great tasting, all great quality – which has always been my experience with Perdomo, but the price was a little steep. Not that they were outrageous, but the sticks were priced in the $6- $8.50 range – higher than some of their other lines which I found I enjoyed equally as much. For this reason alone, the 10th Anniversary quickly fell to the back burner.

In a cigar industry consumed by post SCHIP tax related price increases (and other egregious price increases by some), Perdomo has LOWERED the price on their 10th Anniversary – by $1 to $1.50 per stick. After the shock, awe and disbelief had settled, I figured it was as appropriate a time as any to revisit the 10th Anniversary line. When I burned through all 3 again, I found that the Criollo blend was most in line with my taste, so I’ve decided to give it the first review (the others to follow suit shortly).

The 10th Anniversary Criollo utilizes a beautiful Cuban-seed Criollo wrapper and an all-Nicaraguan blend of aged fillers. This cigar definitely has a great look. The wrapper is a dark tan and shows a nice oily, toothy and even texture. Even pre-light, the cigar has a great smell and the taste of cedar and pepper.

From first puff to last, the 10th Anniversary Criollo has an amazing flavor. Consistent throughout, it is remarkably smooth with an enjoyable, pure tobacco taste. With very subtle hints of cedar, mocha, roasted nuts, and spice, it has a great balance and plenty of flavor, but never approaches overwhelming. A hearty, rich aroma really completes this medium-full bodied blend.

I really like the fact that the Perdomo 10th Criollo isn’t overdone - great flavor and well-made but not over the top. It could have been richer, or stronger, or spicier, but it stays its course. It demonstrates a really organic, natural tobacco taste that is sometimes lost or overpowered in many of today’s other premium blends.

The 10th Anniversary Criollo is an impeccably crafted cigar that is loaded with hearty, well-proportioned flavors. It’s an authentic example of traditional tobacco blending and now at the lower prices (starting at $4.50/ea.) becomes a highly appetizing choice.