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Reviews by Steve R
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Steve R

The other day I read a cigar review from....well, a magazine that writes cigar reviews. The tasting notes included ‘a touch of linen.’ WHAT?! I’ve seen some odd tasting notes in the past....pencil lead, avocado, motor oil, etc. But linen? “This cigar tastes of a 50/50 blend of polyester and pre-shrunk cotton. Personally, I prefer a microfiber blend.” Needless to say, this amazing find left me wanting to write a cigar review, whilst donning a comfy microfiber shirt. Yes, that is my intro for this review....totally unrelated, but linen? Really?

While digging through my desktop humidor on Monday, I discovered a nicely aged Warlock Toro. It’s a big, meaty Toro measuring 6”x54 with some notable weight to it, and a dark, leathery wrapper. Now, Warlock is a cigar I’ve heard and read a lot about. Customers seemed excited about its release....but I haven’t noticed much chatter lately. That said, I closed my humidor and decided to light up the Warlock Toro.

The cigar opened with a relatively mellow bouquet. Toasty, warm, slight tobacco influence. Thick clouds of heavy smoke billowed above my head from the get-go. Shortly thereafter, I began to pick up a touch of leather. A very faint nuance, overpowered by a glaring floral note. The finish was quite metallic. Aluminum if you will. This metallic influence is very sharp and lingers long after each puff. If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know I do not like floral, and I do not like metallic. It’s just not for me. I know AVO and Davidoff cigars have a definite floral note to them – and a lot of people love AVO, so there’s no doubt a market for this – I am just not a fan. Either way, I kept going, hoping the underlying leathery characteristic would grower richer, or something would change. It did not.

I’ll be honest with you. I did not finish this cigar. In fact, I put it down in my ashtray for good just before the midway point. The cigar was not offensive – I just wasn’t enjoying it, and given its hefty size and slow burn, I really had no interest in continuing with this specific cigar. However, given the factory it hails from, I would not turn down the opportunity to try it again, especially in a different size. Regardless, my review must be based on this cigar and, I am sad to say, it was disappointing.