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San Miguel

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I’ve been on a hitting streak as of late. The tail end of 2010 spoiled us with a healthy list of tasty new releases from big names and top-notch blenders, and I’ve been burning them all at a feverish pitch. My latest find, San Miguel. A product of Nicaragua that screams old school, old world. These boxes hit our receiving docks and I had to try them at first glance. A gorgeous, classically-packaged premium hugged by an inviting leaf with gorgeous oils and a sharp box-press. Win, win, win.

San Miguel is a beaut. In fact, it’s almost hard to clip the cap. In my hand is the larger of two figurados in the line, a 6”x52 Torpedo. The wrapper is a milk chocolate brown Ecuador sun-grown leaf that’s silky smooth and seamless in appearance. This wrapper offers a subtle spice on the front of my palate during the pre-light draw. I also notice a unique, almost raw earthiness in the middle of my palate during this time, likely a result of the Ometepe long-fillers beneath the hood. A blast of flavor smacks every part of my palate after lighting. Earth, tobacco, wood, and pepper....lots of flavors, especially when I roll the smoke around a bit before exhaling. Through the nose, rich tobacco and pepper....nice. I love the start, a real eye-opener.

The pepper mellows a bit as I burn deeper into the cigar, releasing a rich tobacco flavor that seems to flood my palate with each puff. The smoke is abundant and creamy, leaving behind a velvety texture after each exhale with lingering notes of sweet cedar and a classic earthy tone that’s bold yet balanced. There’s no doubt I am tasting Ometepe tobacco here. It’s hard to explain, but unique enough to pinpoint – just look for the earthy element at the midway point. This tobacco is responsible for the cigar’s strength, while the aged long-fillers from Esteli and Jamastran work to maintain a full-flavored, yet mellow bouquet that’s medium in body.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through and the cigar has not let up one bit in the complexity department. Lots of tasty subtleties going on here, and I am loving them. There’s no build-up in strength, but that’s not very important to me as long as the flavor profile has substance and entertains my palate. Entertaining is a good word for this looks fantastic and offers an eventful series of flavors that seem ‘new’ to my taste buds each time I draw on this slow-burning Torpedo.

The cigar is done. I honestly could have burned this one for days. Smooth, creamy, interesting flavors with a strength level that invites you to light up another immediately. In fact, I think I will.