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Reviews by Steve R

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Perdomo Patriarch Maduro

Posted , by Steve R Shop Now

I have in my hand a Perdomo Patriarch Epicure Maduro and let me tell you, this cigar looks like a hundred bucks. The wrapper is dark and silky, with a consistent dark brown hue, nice oils, and minimal veins. The cigar is heavy in the hand and solid from head to toe....which should come as no surprise – all Perdomos are dense and jam-packed with tobaccos. The pre-light flavor is both peppery and sweet, while the aroma is that of sweet wood.

The cigar has been clipped, lit, and is now burning. Spice. Not a lot....but just enough. The sweetness is there as well, and both seem to linger long on the palate – almost as if they’re battling in a staring contest to see which can outlast the other. The smoke is chewy and smacks of cedar. I pick up a smooth series of spice through the nose.

Lots of smoke pillow from this cigar. These thick clouds fill my palate and continue to breathe from the cigar while it’s set in the ashtray. The ash is grayish in color with bright white stripes, and it holds on for quite some time. The ash actually fell off after about 2 inches, I clumsily let the foot of the cigar fall into my ashtray. The cigar is burning evenly and much slower than expected. Time to buckle down and prepare for the long haul.

Midway through the cigar spreads its wings a bit, developing subtle nuances of toast, coffee bean, and oak. The spicy finish now dominates the sweetness after each puff, and the aroma has grown more intense – it’s rich and smokey, with a woodsy element that’s quite nice. The cigar is slowly becoming stronger and is now walking a tightrope between the medium and full-bodied zones – it could go either way. The final leg is very toasty, with a silky, almost leathery influence that complements the coffee bean perfectly.

In my mind, Perdomo Patriarch has just one downfall – the price. Yes, it is a very high quality cigar. Yes, it is worth the coin. But I want to enjoy it often and at this price I can’t afford to do so. This factors into my review. Had Patriarch fallen into the Lot 23 or Perdomo Habano range....easy ’91.’ Still, an ‘89’ ain’t too shabby at all and I’d recommend this cigar to somebody looking for a step up from the flagship Perdomo Reserve line.