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Reviews by Steve R
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Liga IV

Steve R
As I write this, Liga IV is being counted in by our receiving crew. Crates upon crates of silky smooth Liga IVs, waiting for a home. I haven’t picked any from the shipment that just landed, but I still remember the samples like I smoked them yesterday. The first thought that ran through my mind upon receiving them was “Farmie”. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Farmies, they’re unbanded (but expensive) bundles from Vega Robaina, a Cuban brand that smokes super-smooth and has one of the silkiest natural wrappers I’ve ever set my eyes on. The Liga IV wrapper is strikingly similar: smooth and silky with a few veins here and there, but nothing short of flawless. To keep things short and sweet, I shuffled through my tasting notes for this cigar, which I’ve summarized below:
  • Milk-chocolate wrapper with a few sizable veins, but nothing too drastic. No soft spots and a nicely applied cap.
  • The flavor is extremely mellow, and the cigar never grows more than mild-bodied. However, it offers a pleasant, dry, woody flavor that starts out with a slightly creamy opening.
  • The creaminess fades after about 5 minutes, while the cigar continues to dish out a consistent, smooth flavor that hints at wood, almost like well-aged cedar. How long have they been sitting on these?
  • Although mild, the flavor is interesting and relaxing, leading to a fantastic evening on the golf course, less a double-bogey or four.
In a nutshell, that’s Liga IV. A soothing new handmade coated in a gorgeous natural wrapper leaf, jam-packed with well-aged long fillers. It may be a little too mild to cap off a big steak dinner or a night at the China buffet, but this cigar will pair perfectly with breakfast or lunch. If you enjoy mellow, but flavorful cigars like Cusano’s c10, Hoyo de Monterrey or CAO Gold, I recommend giving this one a try. It’s along the same lines and a heck of a lot cheaper.