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Reviews by Brandon S

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Cu-Avana Intensus

Posted , by Brandon S Shop Now

Funny, when I first started this gig mild cigars were all the rage with the Dominican Republic dominating cigar sales in the states. The Dominican enjoyed a well-established reputation for producing many of most popular brands ranging from that Macanoodle brand to Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Chances are very good that if you reading this you’ve probably heard of at least one of those brands…either that are you crawled out of bed this morning having never smoked a cigar before and miraculously landed on this dilly of a write up. It doesn’t matter though, you’re here now, I appreciate that, and the rest really doesn’t matter does it? Right then….so, mild cigars dominated the marketplace for years up until about 3 or 4 years ago when some new and powerful brands began to arrive on the scene. Joya de Nicaragua stands out as one of these where I vividly recall standing around our retail shop with the boys enjoying said cigar when suddenly the room began to spin. Then things really got interesting with the release of powerhouse smokes like Rocky Patel’s Edge, the Man ‘O War and others. Indeed, consumers were developing a taste for this newly discovered “strength” and a new genre of cigars was born!

Today full-bodied cigars are as prevalent in smoke shops as Prius drivers with long gray ponytails and open-toed sandals. What’s worse is that many are just plain harsh with little to no balance and make you want to gag and spit them out (I’m talking about the cigars here). With that said I’m uber-excited to introduce you to the Cu-Avana Intensus! This cigar is simply exquisite and will become the new benchmark against which all other full-bodied cigars are judged and I sincerely mean that. The dark-brown Nicaraguan Corojo wrappers are stunning and glisten with oil. The filler, despite being all ligero, is a noticeably well-aged blend of Panamanian and Nicaraguan long-fillers that combine to produce a smoke that’s dense and as rich in flavor as anything I’ve ever tasted. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first considering that ligero leaves, unless well-aged and fermented properly, are typically the culprit behind those harsh and flavorless smokes that deliver nothing aside from strength. Not the case at all here. Cu-Avana Intensus is a sheer delight to smoke, phenomenally well-balanced and yet remains complex. This is what full-bodied cigars are all about my man!

As you read this our shipment is literally in the air over Nicaragua and headed towards CI headquarters. Trust me though because Cu-Avana Intensus will be well worth the wait. I know what you’re thinking, “how did you get your grubby hands on that glorious box I see pictured here?” and the answer is that I stole it from the boss’s office. That’s right, Cu-Avana Intensus is so damn good I’d risk losing my job for it!