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Reviews by Steve R
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Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Maduro

Steve R
The Cameroon Legend by Indian Tabac features a series of monster-sized parejos that could easily intimidate a rookie enthusiast, especially the Gorilla, a 58-ring gargantuan that commands 2 solid hours of your attention. These thick ring gauges allow Rocky Patel and Nestor Plasencia to really get creative with the blend, creating a lineup of balanced, full-flavored cigars that smoke smooth and slow. Although they have some kick, they’re not as strong as they look. We just received a nice sized shipment of Cameroon Legend Maduros. They contain the same vintage long-fillers as the natural, but feature a dark broadleaf maduro wrapper. I’ve yet to try these, so of course, I decided to give it a go, and as usual, I chose the largest size.

Simply put, the Gorilla Maduro is massive. It’s dense and heavy, and the dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper seems to make it look even larger in my hand. Just walking back to my desk with this oversized toro in hand results in looks from my coworkers. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am going to smoke this now. I break out the v-cutter and make an ‘X’ in the cap using two cuts. Despite the amount of tobacco used, the pre-light draw is perfect – a little effort needed, but not too loose. After using ¾ of a can of butane, the Gorilla Maduro is on fire and I’m puffing away. Prepare yourself for an extended timeout, because this guy will be a serious, but enjoyable, investment of your time. The thick broadleaf burns slow, and seems to crackle like a fireplace with each puff. Each draw presents a depth of rich, smooth flavor that coats my entire palate. I notice toasty hints of wood, and the slightest bit of spice on the back of my palate, probably from the Brazilian tobacco. Ironically, it’s quite mellow in the strength category, which is probably a good thing. Had this been a full-bodied cigar, I might be lying face down on the floor by now. The flavors are presented in a gentle, organized manner. It opens smooth and deliberate, but continues to evolve as it burns, taking on new personalities inch by inch. It’s like listening to a CD – one track slowly fades out while the next fades in. Never overwhelming, the Cameroon Legend Gorilla Maduro is a gentle giant. Next time you have 2 hours to yourself, I recommend lighting one up!