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Reviews by Steve R

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Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

Posted , by Steve R Shop Now

A few days ago I received an email from a longtime customer of ours. JL of Austin, Texas. Dude is a trip....we always crack on one another. I bleed green (this is no secret) and JL is a Cowboys fan. Rarely will I come into the office on Monday morning between September and January without finding an email from my pal, JL, waiting in my inbox. Usually it contains one or any combination of the following in the subject: “HAHA”, “McScabb”, or “Beagles ....”

Anyway, I bore you with this because I was surprised to receive his email and not find one single mention of the McNabb trade talk. You feeling ok, JL? Are you running a temperature? Have you taken your meds today? (zing!) Instead, his email told me to run to the humidor and find the nearest bundle of his favorite everyday cigar: Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve. He swears something has happened to the blend – tweaked possibly – because they’re tasting better than ever. I’m up for the task: I have always enjoyed this cigar, and if it’s even better these days, I need to know so I can replenish my supply.

The nearest bundle was in the 6”x52 Toro size, so here I sit with a full bundle of caramel colored Toros blended by Rocky Patel with one thing left to do: light up. First, I inspect them. The wrapper looks beautiful. As I said, this Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf has a brilliant, caramel color and minimal veins. It’s smooth to the touch and has a little bit of fur on it. I love that. The leaf is surprisingly thick and wrestles with my cutter a bit before letting go of the cap. The pre-light aroma is nice and woodsy with hints of proper post-roll aging.

Pepper is always the first flavor I pick up upon lighting Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve, and this Toro is no different. Nice, white pepper coating the front of my palate and exiting through my nose. Far from overwhelming, there’s just enough spice to contrast the smooth, creamy series of tobacco and cedar nuances that follow. This creaminess builds throughout the burn, becoming richer.... denser.... enveloping the palate and leaving behind subtle notes of toast and cedar. If you miss the pepper, exhale through your nose now and then – it’s still there. The complexity of Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve never fails to surprise me. For such a mild cigar, it’s eventful and deceivingly satisfying. And I have to agree with JL here: the increased richness during the burn is new to me - and I dig it. Despite being a relatively fast burner – or maybe I just refused to put the dang thing down – this Toro stayed cool and smooth to the end. Rarely do I burn a cigar down below an inch, but Rocky’s Ltd. Reserve is one that always seems to make it that far....I love the complexity.

JL – Thanks for the heads up. Romo is still a Nancy, though.