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Reviews by Steve R
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Graycliff Profesionale

Steve R
I recently returned from Florida, and enjoyed a 8 days of gorgeous weather, non-stop sunshine and warm ocean waters. Of course, the daily itinerary included sunsets and cigars. But, these were no ordinary sunsets, so extraordinary cigars were needed. For this reason I stocked my travel humidor with my best cigars, including two generous handfulls of Graycliffs.

Graycliff is expensive. This is a fact that everybody has come to realize, making it a tough cigar to pick up on a whim. Especially after being disappointed by other premiums within the same price range. But, there is a reason why Graycliff commands the coin it does. First, it's made in extreme boutique fashion. Within the tiny Bahama-based factory, just a few hundred cigars are rolled each day. Second, the cigar is blended by Avelino Lara, the famed cigar-master who created the original Cuban Cohiba. Lara also oversees the production of each cigar, giving way to reason number three, an unyielding devotion to superior quality and consistency. These reasons, among several others, make Graycliff a very special experience fit for very special occasions.

While on vacation, my fiance and I enjoyed watching the sunset each night with a bottle of wine and fine cigar. The first night we both chose a Graycliff Profesionale, a dark Indonesian wrapped beauty that conceals a super-smooth blend of Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. While robust in flavor, this 'blue label' series is incredibly mellow, offering a creamy earthiness upfront, with toasty hints of nuts on the aftertaste.
At several points throughout the burn, a sweet, herbal-like quality shines through, furthering the complexity of the cigar. Construction was never a factor, as the burn stayed even and constant despite the powerful coastal winds. As for the strength, the medium body and well-balanced character not only made the Profesionale an enjoyable smoke for the two of us on the first night, but every night thereafter.

Paolo Garzaroli in the Graycliff rolling roomEnjoying a sunset with a Graycliff

I understand that price is always an issue when choosing a cigar. But if you truly want to celebrate a memorable experience with a memorable cigar, Graycliff is a brand you should consider picking up.