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Reviews by Steve R

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La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Posted , by Steve R Shop Now

Some of us here at Camp CI put in long hours each week. Even though we work for cigars, some of which are putrid and acrid at best, and never see the light of a paycheck, we love our jobs. When asked how it is possible to put in so many hours, including Fridays, weekends, and of my answers is coffee. Here in the merchandising office (aka the ‘wreck room’), we have a wonderful little invention called the espresso machine. Not to be confused with expresso machine. You see, I firmly believe that one of the key factors to a long and efficient workday is the optimization of one’s coffee to blood ratio. Too little, and you’re dead by 3pm. Too much and you’re shaking tremendously with no benefit; just anxiety. But a perfect, steady stream of sweet, sweet nectar can allow one to easily burn through the midnight oil without a single glance at the clock. Oh, it helps if you love your job, too.

You might be thinking, where the heck is this guy going with all this? Keep reading, you’ll soon see the correlation.

Today’s cigar du jour is La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, in the DL 600 size. This is a stout, 5.25” x 52 robusto sporting a dark natural wrapper with ample oils. It contains a strong mixture of Dominican long-fillers, bound by a Dominican leaf, inside an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. At the time of its creation in 2003, this was considered the strongest La Flor Dominicana on the market, as the blend contains an abundance of ligero. You’ll easily notice these leaves upon inspecting the foot of the cigar...they’re very dark and release a peppery aroma that almost overwhelms the unsuspecting nose.

The first few puffs can easily overwhelm the unsuspecting palate as well. They are very spicy. Like a kick to the teeth, this cigar is no joke, and unleashes a peppery assault on the tastebuds from the get-go. Fortunately, the spice calms down a bit, just a tad, allowing a core of tobacco flavors to surface. Even this early, it’s easy to realize the full-bodied character of this blend. The burn is a little crooked, and doesn’t want to correct itself...but considering the thick and oily leaf, I understand. Don’t expect any twists or turns with this cigar, because the first inch tells the tale: strong and spicy. And the cigar only grows stronger toward the nub, if you make it that far, with a few extra dashes of pepper along the way. Ironically, the smoke is surprisingly smooth throughout, with very little bite.

I love full-bodied cigars. There’s no questioning that. However, I hate thinking how full-bodied a cigar is while burning it. I often find, the more I think about a cigar, the more I dislike it, and that’s what happened with each of the three La Flor Dominicana Double Ligeros I burned this week. The level of strength was impressive, but there was no variety of flavors present to offer any chance of sitting back and enjoying the cigar. To be honest, just writing and proofing this review was a struggle. I apologize for any typos.

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero offers a lot of punch, no doubt. However, when compared to other cigars with comparable strength, there isn’t much benefit in terms of complexity and balance. If your primary goal is finding a full-tilt cigar that could potentially blow your head off or finding a way to cure a mild case of insomnia, have at it.