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Camacho Corojo

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Back in late 2005 I wrote a review on Camacho Corojo. I rated it favorably with an 89-point score. About 2 weeks ago, I received an email from a fellow enthusiast asking that I review this brand again. You see, the Camacho Corojo is one of his favorite cigars and his supply is now running low. He wants to ensure current production, which comes in flashy new boxes of 25, tastes exactly like the cigar he’s grown to love. Well Pete-TEE, this one’s for you.... I expect to see that Hannover story in my inbox stat!
For this review I chose the 6” x 50 Toro, my favorite size in the standard Camacho Corojo lineup. The wrapper is dark and smooth, sporting tiny veins and a glossy, milk-chocolate hue. The pre-light aroma is that of earth and cedar. Virtually no spice on the nose....a deceiving nose, considering the assortment of spices that lies ahead. After a patient and even light with my Gatsby, we’re off and running. The cigar opens with a thick and creamy texture. The smoke is buttery, leaving behind a slightly toasty touch of pepper on the finish. The draw is perfect, releasing a truckload of thick, grey smoke above, which is influenced by a zesty aroma.
After about an inch, the spice grows stronger, hitting the back of the palate with each puff and through the nose with each exhale. The aftertaste is warm and toasty....there’s still some pepper there, but it’s mostly earthy, almost gritty. Two inches in, the power kicks in....I feel it behind my eyeballs. Let the smoke roll around your palate long enough and you might pick up a sweet cedary element - I notice it on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. The final third is purely Camacho Corojo. Strong, dishing out a flavorful and long-lasting series of earth notes and spices. The burn stayed true to the end. In fact, I stopped to grab a glass of water midway through and the dang thing was still going upon returning a couple minutes later.
I noticed two major differences with Camacho’s current production of the Corojo line. First, the cigar is much more balanced throughout. The flavors are presented in a smooth and methodical fashion. Gradually changing and becoming more intense during the burn. At no point does the spiciness of the Jamastran-grown tobaccos dominate the flavor profile. Second, the strength sneaks up on you, rather than smacking you upside the dome from the get-go. The cigar wines and dines ya a bit before swinging for the fences....something anybody can appreciate.
That said, current production is comparable, if not better. I enjoyed this cigar immensely and am thankful for Señor Pete’s request. With the onslaught of quality Corojo-wrapped temptations hitting the market as of late, it’s great to come back to an old friend.