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Reviews by Steve R

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Cuvée 151

Posted , by Steve R Shop Now
For most, the Cuvée name is unknown. Some may recognize the wine industry’s use of the term to denote a limited production vintage that employs a vineyard’s finest grapes. But, few have probably been introduced to Cuvée cigars. Well, consider this a crash course. Cuvée is a high-end brand made by Michael Chiusano of Cusano cigars. No, it’s not a Cusano. Rather, Cuvée is a small-batch series of blends that utilize tiny, but outstanding, crops of tobacco. Crops that are so small, they cannot be used to support Cusano’s every day blends for a single year. Cuvée now has four blends: Blanc, Rouge, the supremely limited Grand, and 151.
151 is the latest installment, and it’s what I am burning now. So far we’ve only received a small quantity of Robustos, so I haven’t had the chance to try each vitola in the blend, but I like what I’m seeing so far. If you’re thinking Bacardi, you’re not too far off. I’ll get back to that later. For now, know that this cigar is very dark and oily, made with Costa Rican wrapper, and chock full of aged Nicaraguan and Costa Rican long-fillers. The Robusto is firm and surprisingly heavy in the hand.
The cigar greets your palate with a warm, toasty start. The rich flavors have a charcoal-like influence, which carries over into the robust aroma. I expected some sweetness from the wrapper, but it never came. Instead, I noticed a smooth, chewy core throughout the burn. The cigar starts out relatively mellow, but really begins to sneak up on you after the first third. The strength can be felt in both the head and belly, and if you’re not careful, this cigar could catch you off guard. Kinda like how a few shots of Bacardi hits ya like a ton of bricks towards the end of a night. All the while, the flavors stay true, pumping out a steady stream of toasty flavors with a rich and meaty tobacco taste. No bells and whistles are necessary here. Cuvée 151 is a straightforward, but surprisingly strong, cigar that doesn't require a ton of thought to sit back and enjoy. Just puff away and go about your business, because I don't see this cigar letting you down.
Although I haven’t had all the sizes yet, I think it’s safe to say Cuvée 151 is a good cigar after having just a few of the Robustos. And know Mike Chiusano’s commitment to quality and consistency, I know it’ll be good every time.