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CI's Christmas Workshop

CI's Christmas Workshop

A no-brainer gift idea, with you in the driver's seat!

Here's the deal. We set aside our top-selling 5-cigar samplers, humidors, cutters, and lighters to develop a massive, U-Pick-It combo deal....the easiest way to give that Christmas gift he'll remember - even if that 'he' is you. Plus the savings are huge! In the end, you can literally save up to 82% off normal retails! So how do you do it? It's simple....

Step 1: Select one sampler from a list of 15 tasty choices
Step 2: Select one humidor from a list of 4 top-sellers
Step 3: Select one cutter from a list of 4 top-notch choices
Step 4: Select one lighter from a list of 4 high-end lighting instruments
Step 5: Add to cart
Step 6: Realize you just built an awesome gift and saved a ton of cash in the process
Step 7: Rinse, repeat

It's that simple. Create the ultimate combo for just $49.96. A deal of a lifetime, guaranteed to make someone special smile when they peek under the tree.
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Tier 1 - To begin, please select one sampler from the list below
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Big Brand Dominican 5-Star Sampler #4 5 CIGARS $49.50
Big-Brand Honduran 5-Star Sampler #3 5 CIGARS $34.40
CAO 5-Star Sampler 5 CIGARS $34.30
Cohiba Red Dot Robusto 5-Pack (5.0"x49) 5 CIGARS $82.45
Diesel Unholy 5-Star Sampler 5 CIGARS $37.00
Drew Estate Gourmet 5-Star #3 5 CIGARS $35.65
Gran Habano 5-Star #2 Sampler (5.0"x50) 5 CIGARS $28.50
Gurkha 5-Star Sampler No. 4 5 CIGARS $118.50
Man O' War 5-Star Sampler 5 CIGARS $43.00
Nicaraguan 5-Star #2 5 CIGARS $40.61
Nub 5-Star #2 Sampler 5 CIGARS $28.88
Pinar del Rio 5-Star II Sampler 5 CIGARS $35.50
Victor Sinclair 5-Star Sampler 5 CIGARS $38.50
5 Vegas 5-Star Torpedo Sampler 5 CIGARS $29.25 Out of Stock
Oliva 5-Star #2 Sampler 5 CIGARS $36.61 Out of Stock
Tier 2 - Next, please select a humidor from the list of options below
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Herf-a-Dor X10 Traveldor 10 CAPACITY $32.00
Herf-a-Dor X5 Traveldor 5 CAPACITY $25.00
Whitetail Glasstop Humidor 35-50 CAPACITY $75.00
Yukon Humidor 35-50 CAPACITY $40.00
Tier 3 - Then, please select a cutter from the list of options below
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Colibri Grip Montecristo Cutter BROWN & WHITE $39.00
Xikar X4 Oliva Cutter OLIVA - BLACK $60.00
Connoisseur's Plunger GOLD $12.00 Out of Stock
Moretti Profile Guillotine Cutter 2-Pack 2 SLIM CUTTERS $30.00 Out of Stock
Tier 4 - To finish, please select a lighter from the options below
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Black-Ops Reload Lighter BLACKOUT $100.00
Moretti Churchill Quad-Flame Lighter BLACK RUBBERIZED $50.00
Rockwell Sonic Torch Lighter Black BLACK LIGHTER $40.00
Xikar Executive CI Lighter GUN METAL $34.99