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Weekend Spotlight

Diesel Summer Box-A-Thon
...all boxes over 50% off
....16 options in total low as $2.66 apiece

Cue head-banging rock music. Insert cliché monster truck voiceover. Roll in cheesy clip art graphics....

"Prepare for Diesel prices to get annihilated! This weekend, watch box prices get smashed into pieces as your favorite Diesel blends go crashing into savings. Carnage! Carnage! Carnage! Diesel Unholy Cocktail, Diesel Unlimited, Diesel Unlimited Maduro, and Diesel Hair of the Dog all enter the ring. 16 different options with prices gashed, slashed, and bashed over 50%! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Call 1-888-244-2790 now!"

My pitch might be cheesy, but my offer is the real McCoy. Diesel boxes feel the warm glow of my spotlight with more options on the table than the local buffet. Empty your humidor – heck buy another one if you need to – this weekend is the Diesel box event of the year. Oh yes, you’re in the captain’s chair now. Put up your feet, pour yourself a drink, and set a direct course to checkout now. These massive savings on Diesel won’t last long.... 

Diesel is our top-selling full-bodied cigar​, year after year. It’s not even a contest. Second place can hardly be placed on the same pedestal. As a result, a deal on boxes never sees the light of day. But now the vault has been opened, and it’s time to grab as much as you can....and run. From the original blend that started it all, Unholy Cocktail, to the new Diesel Unlimited Maduro, it’s all low-hanging fruit this weekend. Diesel, in a box, for as little as $2.66 apiece​. Don’t fight it…give in to the warm embrace of Diesel boxes at all-times lows. 

Diesel (Unholy Cocktail + Shorty): the original Diesel blend. A dark PA Broadleaf wrapper, along with flavorful Nicaraguan long-fillers, promote a meaty, dense, and satisfying profile. A full-flavored fan-favorite.

Diesel Unlimited: a blend that took Diesel deeper down the rabbit hole. A Honduran ligero wrapper hugs a multi-region core of feisty Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos. Notes of leather, spice, earth, and oak. Deeply satisfying.

Diesel Unlimited Maduro: the newest member of the Diesel family. Everything you love about Unlimited, but with an added dose of rich, sweet, undertones due to a shimmering Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Intense, and smooth as silk.

Diesel Hair of the Dog: bites you back with pure substance. Savory recipe of long-fillers hailing from Nicaragua’s regions of Esteli and Ometepe join forces with powerful Dominican leaves. The bow on top is an Ecuador Habano ligero wrapper. Waves of oak, leather, earth, coffee, and spices.

4 juicy blends. 16 different options up for grabs. Everything 50% off or more. Starting at just $2.66 a stick. This ain’t no bull. So fill thy cart with Diesel boxes now…because a deal like this may never make it to the surface again. 

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Diesel Unholy Cocktail (torpedo) (Belicoso) (5.0"x56)BOX OF 30 In Stock $180.00$79.95
Diesel Shorty (Gordo) (4.5"x60)BOX OF 24 In Stock $168.00$79.95
Diesel Unlimited d.4 (Robusto) (4.7"x52)BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00$54.95
Diesel Unlimited d.5 (Robusto) (5.5"x54)BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00$59.95
Diesel Unlimited d.X (belicoso) (5.7"x56)BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00$64.95
Diesel Unlimited d.6 (Gordo) (6.0"x60)BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00$64.95
Diesel Unlimited d.7 (Presidente) (7.0"x58)BOX OF 20 In Stock $150.00$69.95
Diesel Unlimited d.4 Maduro (Robusto) (4.7"x52)BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00$54.95
Diesel Unlimited d.5 Maduro (Robusto) (5.5"x54)BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00$59.95
Diesel Unlimited d.X (beli) Maduro (Belicoso) (5.7"x56)BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00$64.95
Diesel Unlimited d.6 Maduro (Gordo) (6.0"x60)BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00$64.95
Diesel Unlimited d.7 Maduro (Presidente) (7.0"x58)BOX OF 20 In Stock $150.00$69.95
Diesel Hair of the Dog Robusto (5.0"x50)BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00$59.95
Diesel Hair of the Dog Toro (6.0"x50)BOX OF 20 In Stock $145.00$69.95
Diesel Hair of the Dog Belicoso (6.2"x52)BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00$79.95
Diesel Hair of the Dog Churchill (7.0"x50)BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00$79.95