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Gurkha Build Your Own Humidor Combo

Gurkha Build Your Own Humidor Combo

Gurkha Build Your Own Humidor Combo
30 Cigars + tactical case just $99.96
20 top-notch blends – save up to 88%

Halloween is here. That means we’re going to spoil you rotten. We’ve got a veritable goodie bag that’ll terrify the competition, all while getting you into the Halloween spirit. Ready? Grab 30 super-premium Gurkhas of your choice, plus a rugged 30-count tactical humidor, all for just $99.96. We’re talking the king-sized candy bars of Gurkha here lads. Beauty, Beast, Genghis Khan, Yakuza, Titan, and Warlord, just to rattle off a few. I’ve even included two newcomers, Governor’s Private Reserve and Chairman’s Select. 20 different blends are on the table, all you have to do is select six 5-packs of your choice, save up to 88%, and get outta dodge.

Just the cigars alone should get the ol’ ticker pumpin’. Factor in the travel humidor (worth $75 alone) and you’ve got yourself a steal. It’s like someone was foolish enough to leave a basket out that said ‘Please take one.'16 different delectable Gurkha blends are on the table. Select six different 5-packs of your choice, and save up to $736.14 combined. This extravaganza puts Gurkha’s finest wares in your possession for just $3.33 apiece, with a tough-as-nails tactical case thrown in for good measure.

Add Gurkha 30-count Tactical Case

Step 2:
Select six 5-packs from these 20 options:
Gurkha Yakuza Toro (6”x54)
Gurkha Archive Churchill (7.2”x50)
Gurkha Warlord Double Perfecto 6”x60)
Gurkha Chairman’s Select (7”x54)
Gurkha Beast (6.5”x56)
Gurkha Warpig XO (6”x60)
Gurkha Doble Maduro Dbl Rothschild (6.5”x58)
Gurkha Class Regent Torpedo (6.2”x52)
Gurkha Crest Torpedo (6.5”x52)
Gurkha Symphony Dbl. Perfecto (6”x60)
Gurkha Titan (6.2”x56)
Gurkha Beauty XO (6”x60)`
Genghis Khan Churchill (7.5”x52)
Gurkha Governor's Private Blend (7”x55)
Gurkha Status Natural Torpedo (6.5”x52)
Gurkha Legend Vintage ’01 Aniversario (6”x60)
Gurkha Avenger G5 Torpedo (6”x52)
Gurkha Triple Ligero Toro (6.1”x52)
Gurkha Seduction Sultan (6.2”x56)
Gurkha Black Ops Berserker (6”x50)

Step 3: Savor massive discounts as high as 88%. Rinse and repeat as desired.

It’s time to hang up that Spidey costume, and feast on a lovely treat from CI and Gurkha.
  Product Type MSRP Select Compare
First, add Gurkha 30-count Tactical Case.
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Gurkha Black Tactical Case [knockout foam] BLACK CASE [KNOCKOUT FOAM] $75.00
Now, select six different 5-packs from these 20 options!
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Genghis Khan Churchill (7.5"x52) 5 CIGARS $62.33
Gurkha Archive Churchill (7.2"x50) 5 CIGARS $46.00
Gurkha Avenger G5 Torpedo (6.0"x52) 5 CIGARS $55.00
Gurkha Beast (Toro) (6.5"x56) 5 CIGARS $101.40
Gurkha Beauty XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60) 5 CIGARS $180.00
Gurkha Black Ops Berserker (Toro) (6.0"x50) 5 CIGARS $65.75
Gurkha Chairman's Select Churchill (Perfecto) (7.0"x54) 5 CIGARS $60.00
Gurkha Class Regent Torpedo (6.2"x52) 5 CIGARS $57.50
Gurkha Crest Torpedo (6.5"x52) 5 CIGARS $133.70
Gurkha Doble Maduro Double Rothschild (6.5"x58) 5 CIGARS $80.00
Gurkha Governor's Private Blend Churchill (7.0"x55) 5 CIGARS $55.00
Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 Aniversario (Gordo) (6.0"x60) 5 CIGARS $100.00
Gurkha Seduction Sultan (Toro) (6.2"x56) 5 CIGARS $41.00
Gurkha Status Natural Torpedo (6.5"x52) 5 CIGARS $100.00
Gurkha Symphony Double Perfecto (6.0"x60) 5 CIGARS $90.00
Gurkha Titan (Gordo) (6.2"x56) 5 CIGARS $121.00
Gurkha Triple Ligero Toro (6.1"x52) 5 CIGARS $40.00
Gurkha Warlord Double Perfecto (6.0"x60) 5 CIGARS $50.00
Gurkha Warpig XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60) 5 CIGARS $60.00
Gurkha Yakuza Toro (6.0"x54) 5 CIGARS $125.00