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Gurkha Titan - 20 Cigars

Behold the mighty Titan by Gurkha!

Regarded as one of the most prestigious and highly-rated blends in the world, Gurkha (the "Rolls Royce of cigars") continues to provide us with luxurious smoking experiences. Its maker, Kaizad Hansotia, will never sacrifice quality for price, and each cigar within his extensive arsenal further establishes Gurkha as one of the premier boutique brands on the market.

Introducing the Titan. A mighty vitola that weighs in at a hefty 6.25” x 56 and bursts with medium to full-bodied goodness. The complex layers of rich, silky smooth flavors are derived from the vintage tobaccos utilized. A gorgeous Costa Rican maduro wrapper, cultivated in 1996, hugs a lush blend of Honduran, Dominican, and Columbian tobaccos, which has been aging in cedar for 5 years. Secured by a delicious Nicaraguan binder, these fine tobaccos are the ultimate marriage, promoting a burst of toasty, cedary flavors delivered in rich fashion that grows in intensity throughout the burn.

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Gurkha Titan (6.2"x56) 20 CIGARS Sale Backordered $600.00 $54.98
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Titan - 20 Cigars”
These cigars are great nice smooth taste. Love them gonna come in and buy more just to stock up on them.
CF of Emmaus, PA
I love big ring cigars and expect a lot from Gurkha. This did not disappoint. Can't go wrong with this one. Beautiful dark wrapper and nice thick smoke. You know you smoked a fine stick after this one.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
Okay, I'm a BIG Gurkha fan from day one...or 10 years ago when I bought my first bundle of Expeditions from CI (oh where have you gone anyway?) and graduated to Centurians. My first Titan was a farewell gift from a colleague and it was GREAT. These seem abit aged, but still really good for the price. $12+ a stick in the smoke shop, so I can't complain. CI, just slide them a bit further from the humidor...still a bit moist after a few days in the dry mail truck.
Awesome cigar. Tried it loved it, so I ordered another 120 of these beauties.
FM of red bluff, CA
I received these ebony beauties today and I am right now taking a draw of my second one of the day because at this price it is now my new favorite everyday smoke. I LOVE UMM!!! THANK YOU C.I.
JP of Santa Ana, CA
The Gurkha Titan is one of the best cigars I've smoked in a long time. I like a cigar with a kick and this one has a hellava kick! Burns even and at a nice speed, not too fast not too slow. Try these, you won't be disappointed!
A very good cigar for the clearance price. Only drawback (and there is almost always one with clearance cigars) is the caps pretty much just completely fall off when you cut or punch them. So you will have to learn to deal with the sloppy end, but worth it.
This Gurkha took me by surprise! One BIG punch of leather and spice (makes everything nice). Buy 'em now or you will be sorry!
SC of Perry, GA
The flavor of these cigars are great; however, the construction seems to be somewhat inconsistant. If I had not gotten these at such a discount I would have been upset by the difficulty of draw and uneven burn that some had. Worth trying in a limited quantity to sample the Gurkha line, but I doubt they will find their way into my normal puffing rotation.
AB of Columbus, GA
Just bought 20 of them and my wife will kill me when she finds out. In any case, this is one of my all time favorites! I believe it is one of the finest cigars made...period! It is mild, yet has great flavor...spice and leather. It burns well and has an aroma that sometimes reminds me of incense!
FS of Brooklyn, NY
Starts off light and finishes well at full flavor....I keep going back.
MB of Corona, CA
I got a 5 pack of these as part of a sampler when I was relatively new to cigars. I didn't care for them much at first. They seemed overly oily and had a bit of a soapy smell. But after aging them for a few months and trying several different cigars, I've grown to appreciate this luxurious, rich, complex smoke. They are immensely bold without being harsh. These are easily one of my favorites now. I just smoked my last one and ordered 20 more. You'll want to take your time to enjoy this bold, flavorful smoke.
JB of Azusa, CA
I gave one to my Father for Father's Day about 3 years ago and he loved it. Now we smoke one together for his birthday, my birthday, and Father's day.
JA of Houston, TX