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Top Shelf Humidor Combo

The world’s biggest brands collide with the brightest boutique stars and a gigantic 78% discount in this impressive 10-cigar sampler. That alone is juicy. But factor in the included, gorgeous 50-capacity Whitetail Glasstop Humidor and this deal screams no-brainer.

CI's Top-Shelf Humidor Combo #11 includes:
1 – Montecristo Classic Robusto (5” x 52)
1 – Romeo y Julieta Real Toro (6” x 54)
1 – Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5” x 49)
1 – Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (6” x 52)
1 – Gurkha Beauty (6.5” x 56)
1 – Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro (6” x 50)
1 – Macanudo Café Hyde Park (5.5” x 49)
1 – Oliva Serie ‘O’ Robusto (5” x 50)
1 – Punch Pita (6.1” x  50)
1 – 5 Vegas Gold Churchill (7” x 50)
1 – Whitetail Glasstop Humidor

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
HUMIDOR + 10 CIGARS In Stock $178.04 $39.99
Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Top Shelf Humidor Combo”

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5 out of 5
Great cigars at a great
Great cigars at a great price!
4 out of 5
Good Starter unit
For the price, this was a great deal. The cigars showed up pretty dry, but I made sure to season the humidor and got them all rehydrated before lighting them up. This would be a great gift or starter unit for anyone deciding to take the plunge into keeping up their own stash of cigahhhs. FYI - 1 month in I've already replaced the sponge, I would suggest nabbing up a better sponge to start so you don't have a broken one for a week + like me (unfortunately resulting in a few dried out cigars)
5 out of 5
i got my bang for my buck. Shipped on time. Excellent.
5 out of 5
Great Value for the Cigar Starter!
This is a super way to dive in to the cigar experience. Humidor is well built, sample cigars are diverse and good quality and a great way to find your taste. I added a larger humidifier and it keeps humidity right at 73%
5 out of 5
Great deals
i couldn't be happier with my purchases through Cigar International
Customer Testimonials
The Humidor seasoned quickly and the hygrometer was easily calibrated. Being new to cigars this was extremely important. I would recommend the humidor. I was disapponted in the cigars as 30% of the cigars had dried out and cracked the wrapper. I tried one of other cigars after it had been in the Humidor for a week and it was horrible. I am going to let the rest age awile to see if they can be salvaged. I had already thrown away the cellophane wrappers so returning them was not an option.
In reading the catalog that was sent to me, I ordered this combo. Hey, the price was right & the 10 cigars that accompanied the humidor was worth it alone. After reading the other review I was worried that my stocked would arrive old, dry, & unsmokable (out that's a word). Well, only one (which happends to be one of my favourites) Romeo Y Julieta. I watched a few videos about seasoning the humidor all of which seemed easy follow. However, mine was a little stubborn and it took a little more work. NOTE: Depending on where you place it determines allot on how well it will stay at your desired humidity. I have now placed mine in my bathroom. As that's the only place where it doesn't get as cold as the rest of the house. Plus, no-one else will be around then to fiddle with them. The best thing about samplers is that you get to try ones you may not have thought about before. Gurkha (Beauty) was a nice surprise. Over 1.5 hour smoke. I've also invested in an additional humidity jar. ($8.99) I just don't know how well the one that comes with it holds up. Enjoy
Unbeatable deal! Great value, great sampler. Thank you CI!
I purchased the glass top humidor/ cigar deal last year. Awesome selection of cigars(thanks now in hooked on 10.00 Cohibas!!). My wife was cleaning and knocked my humidor on the floor and shattered it. Now CI is running on of the best deals out there. Thanks again CI. Loyal til I drop, Mike
The cigars alone are roughly $60, and the humi is around $40. Hard to beat this deal! My humidor was brown instead of the black one pictured but, no biggie. The cigars themselves were quite dry and fragile. Nothing a little time in the humi cant fix though.
killer combo....worth every penny.
First time buying from CI. Great quality humidor. Salt testing hygrometer as I review this. First humidor as well. The only cigars ive smoked of any quality were American Stogie, Hoyo de Monterey Excalibur, and Red Buck. First cigar I fired up out of this sampler is the 5 Vegas Gold. Amazing. I like big gauge cigars as well as churchills but this cigar is amazing. Shipping only took 4 business days(which is always too long when waiting on something you ordered lol) No damage and great quality. Only problem I have is figuring out which one to smoke next lol. Great deal. Thank you CI.
Outstanding humidor and cigars at a great price!
A great combo for a beginning cigar smoker. Got the humidor up and stable in just a few days. It looks great sitting on my desk. Working my way thru the cigars slowly. Have been pleased with each of them so far.
Very happy with my new humidor!
My first order and humidor. I love them so far and as a newbie to cigars its been easy and very satisfying.
Excellent deal! It's like buying a humidor and getting the cigars for free. Thanks CI for another awesome deal.
This is a great deal! The cigars alone are worth the price. I liked this deal so much I just purchased another one. Be Careful! The one thing I don't like is the humidifier puck. The way it is designed (Flat magnetic plate/no clearance), you can't install it on the back wall of the humidor because when you close the lid it will bust the lid hinges (repaired). I recommend installing on the divider plank instead.
I can't say enough! I have been smoking since April of this year and as a surprise for my promotion at work ordered me this. Got it today! I ran to the store for seasoning wipes and was told by the guy there to just wipe it down with the PG solution! A few hours later and already at 70%. I did rep lease the sponge with a gel as I believe they work better and longer! I had a travel 15 carrier that was full and now the 10 pack sampler and I couldn't be more happy about how my collection is turning out. Great buy for an AMAZING price!
GREAT DEAL, love it, and price is right :)
Glad I pulled the trigger and make this purchase, Everything showed up in great shape and in a timely manner even though the UPS driver threw the box over the fence.
Nice Humi, nicer smokes, just leave them in a humidor for a few weeks/months.
This would make a great gift item. Great little sampler that you're basically getting for free with a decent humidor. I bought this as a 2nd humidor for work and I am nothing but pleased with my purchase. Well worth $40.
What a great deal. Nice selection of cigars along with a very handsome glass humidor. Depending on how you look at it either the humidor or cigars are basically free.
Only had 1 or 2 cigars that were dry and cracked and flakey but still an overall great deal for an even better price! All the cigars were definitely top shelf and great tasting; only had 1 cigar that wasn't to my taste. Besides that one, all were very enjoyable and the humidor came in great condition!
I am new to CI and this is my first humidor. Saw a lot of favorable reviews so thought I would give it a shot. I could not have made a better choice. The fit and finish of the humidor is excellent. Looks great sitting on the shelf. The seasoning process was easy and once finished has been holding steady. I have not tried any of the cigars yet but checked them over and none seemed excessively dried out as was mentioned in another review. Can highly recommend this product!
Likes so far: Romeo and Julieta Cohiba Red Dot Robusto Gurkha Beauty These are very smooth hitting and great tasting cigars. Dislikes so far: Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro Punch Pita To me personally these were very harsh and had no taste but I'm not saying don't smoke these because everyone has there own opinion. As far as the package deal: This deal was an excellent package and price to top. I'm very glad I ordered it keep up the good work C.I.
Love this little humidor. Second humidor I bought. First is the same except for the window and built in hygrometer. Want to buy another one. Great cigars included too. Favorite so far is the American Sun Grown. Fairly new to cigars but already beginning to enjoy some of the more medium to full-bodied cigars. Want to buy one more to keep all 5 Vegas stocked up. Would definently recommend for a starter combo. Seasoned in less than 24 hours and has been holding strong. Ditch the included humidifier.
GREAT HUMIDOR!!! LOVE IT!!! I just ordered this item, so I cannot speak to the cigar selection. BUT I have owned a Whitetail Glasstop Humidor for several weeks now and I CAN speak to that. The humidor arrived in excellent condition and looks great. The hygrometer proved to be perfectly calibrated after I did the "salt test" and looks great in the front. As for how it "holds humidity", the first thing you have to understand is that I am a "FUMBLER" I cannot just look through the glass top and pick one and then open the lid for 2 seconds, grab my choice, and close the lid. NAY, I just have to open the lid and "fumble" through them until I have found The One. Then I just have to reshuffle the remaining cigars into the order I think I will smoke them. This process takes 3 minutes at a time and I do this every time. So, having said all that, the Whitetail Glasstop Humidor is rock solid at 72% every time I check the hygrometer. I really love my Whitetail Glasstop. The only modification I have made is that I purchased a Humi Care humidifier (can't find it on the site but it is in the catalogue) not because the disc that came with the Glasstop was not good, but because the new one saves looks like a credit card only thicker. My only complaint is that the included divider made the hygrometer fall out when the divider is placed in the middle of the humidifier...divided in half 50/50 is not possible. But 1/3 on one side and 2/3 on the other works for me and now the PRIME SPECIMINES are on the 1/3 side... easy to "fumble" through. So, to "bottom line" the whole thing..... Whitetail Glasstop GREAT HUMIDOR!!! LOVE IT!!!
Great humidor to start out with and the cigars are all top notch.
Great deal. Humidor was set up and running steady at 75% humidity in 2 days. Only one cigar came a little hard but has now starting to soften. Highly recommend this humidor.
I bought the combo as a gift for a brother in-law; he swears I paid much more. Thanks CI.
What a nice deal: good 40 count humidor, and great cigars too! Humidor seals very well, and the analog meter was right on the money, staying at 70 percent for many weeks with electronic gauge....
This combo is so good and so cheap I feel like I just stole.
Great deal, can't beat it. Just be sure to properly season the humidor and let the cigars rest for a while to get properly humidified before lighting them up! They're worth the wait. Also I'd recommend picking up a digital hygrometer. The analog is pretty, but you can't beat a good digital for accuracy. Thanks CI!
No brainer. Great smokes in a good box!
Amazing deal! My first humidor and I was able to follow the easy instructions. Hardest part was not filling it with cigars right away. Great selection on cigars; about half I had never tried. My smoking buddies couldn't believe the price.
Great freaking deal!
Awesome gift for any cigar smoker, beginner or aficionado. I have ordered 3 so far and loved every set! The humidor is worth every cent and the cigars are a huge plus! You can't go wrong!
Nice sampler a lot of the cigars have wrapper issues the ends are splitting but that's an easy fix just have to cut an inch or so off the foot the COHIBA luckily had no issues and was a great cigar wish I could afford to smoke these but that's why I like samplers it gives me a chance to smoke some top shelf cigars for a fraction of the cost the rest of the cigars are in the humidor which is very nice for the price it only took two days to season and looks great with the glass top very happy with this purchase highly recommend
This is an unbelievable deal! The cigars alone are worth way more than the total cost of this combo, and all the cigars I received were in good shape. I love the humidor. It was easy to condition and the hygrometer was easy to calibrate. Easily this is a steal, and I would recommend it to anyone- especially to new comers as I am. I have searched other stores and none of them can beat this deal. Thanks CI!
Dope! Everything was packed and sealed properly, and all sticks were good and SUCH A GOOD DEAL!!! Everything arrived in 2 days! Can't ask for better than this.
Look, even if you're flirting with the idea of getting a humidor you owe it to yourself to get this! Why? Because regardless of whether you a new cigar person or a longstanding cigar veteran, for this price, the cigars alone are worth it. Plus, if you're new you get to start off with a bang trying some of the best out there and having a nice humidor. My little suggestion, go look up how to set up a humidor, get it all ready, and let the cigars sit in there before trying the ones that came with it out, they some times come a little drier than usual and need some time to get back to normal.
Great deal. The humidor is beautiful and the hygrometer was dead on 75% after the salt test. I did a very light wipe down, left the sponge in there with a Xikar 4 oz gel can and purchased an acc-urite digital hygrometer at Home Depot and tossed it in just as a back up for the stock analog. I did not use the puck that came with it. After 2 days it was steady at 72% on digital and 76% on analog. Tossed in the sticks and both gauges dropped down to between 68-70%. The sticks that came with it were all in great shape and the only one I have smoked was the Oliva and it was a great smoke!! You can't beat this deal.
Being a new cigar smoker, this was a no brainer for me. Good humidor and samples to test out. Great deal!
Just got it in the mail today and everything looks great. The other comments about the cigars being overly dried out don't seem to be the case at least with mine. Really really happy with the product.
The cigars alone are worth it! My first humidor and cigars. very easy to setup, calibrate, and season. One of the cigars came damaged but Customer Service resolved the problem easily. Great humidor for beginners. I definitely need to upgrade my humidor, no more room for my sticks.
Great buy, Awesome way to start!
Great combo and humidor. One cigar came dry; they sent me a replacement with my next order. Everything else has been perfect.
Excellent assortment, high quality built humidor is up and running in the ideal setting. What more can you ask for? Great bang for the buck. I love it!!!!
Nice little humidor for a starter like myself. So far it is keeping my smokes fresh, however when it arrived there was a large scratch on top of the wood. I didn't report it to CI seeing as how my humi isn't for show and is stored in a drawer. I'm sure customer service would be willing to replace it or refund me though. Awesome sticks in this combo, can't go wrong with Cohiba Red Dot or Media Noche.