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'Dominican Grab-Bag' Sampler

A peek under the radar will uncover: While some spend a fortune on advertising, some manufacturers spend their energy perfecting their craft, and over time they build up a bevy of tasty treats that require zero publicity to prove their value. These are affordable handmades crafted with aged tobaccos. 

I can't promise exactly what brands or sizes you'll receive or that you've even heard of these brands, but I can promise to deliver quality handmades from manufacturers all over the Dominican as low as 63-cents apiece. Stick your hand in the grab-bag and pull out handmades in a variety of wrappers and blends, from the Dominican Republic. 

We have seen these samplers come in with all kinds of goofy stickers and labels, just note that these tags do not represent what the sampler contains.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
40 CIGARS In Stock $25.00
20 CIGARS In Stock $19.99
10 CIGARS In Stock $14.99

Customer Reviews of “'Dominican Grab-Bag' Sampler”

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I love just about everything I've ever ordered from CI and I am very happy I only paid $15 for this "bag of disappointment." I wouldn't take this selection of no name unheard of cigars if they were given to me. Don't waste your money. However I will always stay loyal to CI. You cant beat the deals or the selection. Thanks for makein it possible to try so many different cigars at such affordable prices.
I tried 1 and it was nasty. "Alternative to premium cigars" right on the package. I guess they make good hand out sticks to buddies who don't really smoke.
I read a couple of very negative reviews of these, just after I ordered. I must disagree with them. For a buck and a half each one cannot expect top of the line. I have had much worse for the price. One of the small cigars had a "CI" band which I never knew existed. Granted, no air could be pulled though the stick, but the tobacco was dark and tasty and I like to chew some of my cigars anyway. None of the five I have "used" so far have been unpalletable, and a few were actually quite tasty, including the ones I chewed. I thought they were worth $15.
Was a great selection and will keep trying them.
3 words for this (I loved it) each one a little different but had a great flavor an great smoke.
Definitely not terrible, but not my favorite either. Arrived in good condition and weren't dry. They were worth what I paid for them.
This is my second sampler selection and first one to try sinse the Po boy sampler is on back order. New to cigars so I guess that is why I don't understand what the fuss is about. 20 cigars for $15 was good enough for me to try some bottom shelf cigars and I was not upset. Some were rolled right and other had to be revived, but I got got two of each and at least one of them smoked just fine. Still finding my palette. Not a bad buy for a daily smoke or someone that is the same situation as me. Out of the ten different smokes, I liked over half of them in the end.
Not my favorite. I would recommend picking one up to share with friends that aren't regular cigar smokers, so that you don't waste your good ones....
As expected with any sampler, there are some duds here, some so-so cigars, and some really good smokes. My only complaint is that many of the cigars in this sampler are not carried by CI. (I like to buy samplers to try out different cigars and then buy more of the ones I really liked.)
Excellent sampler. I wasn't expecting much, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. The biggest attention getter was the aging on these cigars, some had dates of 2010 on them and it was obvious all the cigars has 2 to 3 years aging on them. You just cant buy aging like that! Hop on these while you can, you wont regret it! Thanks CI for another great buy!
Just got my sampler earlier today. I was not expecting much from a 10 buck make me an offer grab bag. Mine came with two Churchills a robusto and varied smaller gauge road smokes. Not bad but at the same time not mind blowing either.
Did not expect much, but was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed smoking them. A few of them were exceptionally good...very good value for the money.
A lot of people gave this deal some grief, however it seems to be a luck of the draw. In my sampler I had 4 cigars that retail at 25 to 30 dollars each and I only paid 15 bucks for the whole sampler. long story short for me, this deal played out in my favor!
It is a great sampler to keep your friends in supply but if you want finer, more quality cigars, this is not for you. Many of these are brand I have never come across, but good for an everyday cigar smoker since the majority of these are hand-made. Overall, I would give this sampler a 2/5 since I prefer some of the finest quality cigars. My reasoning for purchasing this was because, you gotta try to know. In conclusion, for the price, you really can't beat it.
If you're expecting a bag of Opus X's, you are going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you're looking for an assortment of "yard" cigars in sizes ranging from churchill to cigarillo at $ .75 each, this grab bag is the ticket. I know I've paid a lot more $ for worse cigars elsewhere.
Beyond expectations. Thus far the cigars were fresh and good. CI is now my store for cigars.
I have been picking up sampler packs to see just what ones I like the best. This sampler is very good for its minimal price. Very nice set of sticks. Will surely get some more of these in the future.
Smoked one of these so far (the Pana) and I must agree with the others who said that for the price I paid for them I can't complain. Although I won't hesitate to offer these up to friends!
This was a good mix of inexpensive Dominicans. I was happy with the quality (nothing amazing, nothing terrible), but the size of these cigars was a little on the small side. I would pick this grab bag up again for the right price.
I received four 10 packs with pretty much the same thing in each. Sizes varied, but were even distributed from small, medium and larger varieties. The first couple cigars were not to my liking, but after sitting a few days in the humidor(it was -10 F when they were delivered) they have improved. I actually really like a few of them and for the price you could hate half of them and still make out like a bandit with this deal. I would repurchase.
I have purchased this grab bag several times and have found a few good smokes in each bag. These are not your top-shelf cigars but a good knock around the yard smoke. Give them a try; they're not bad for 63 cents a stick.
This sampler is what you might expect from the description; actually I got pretty much all the cigars in the picture as well as others. A lot of repeats in various sizes. They are all combo fillers with mostly Connecticut wrappers and a few maduros. I enjoy the sampler because it's exciting to try so many different brands. Sure, most taste the same and there isn't a huge amount of flavor, but they're not all bad. Good for chores and fishing and handing out. Definitely not a sit down and enjoy the act of smoking type of cigar. They're very mild and mellow and they range from churchill to cigarillo. Bottom line: don't expect great cigars and you won't be disappointed. I would buy these again when they go on sale.
Don't think about it, just buy it. I've purchased 4 of these now and am NEVER DISAPPOINTED. Worth it every time.
Nice amount of cigars for the price, but next time I will probably go for a sampler with cigars that are already identified. 7 out of 10 cigars I received in the 40 pack bundle (actually 4 of the same 10 pack grab bags), are not available thru CI & or anywhere else online for that matter. I can't even find information on them using popular search engines. So even if I like them, they are not available thru any source I can find.
I was pleasantly surprised with this grab bag. Only a couple duds and with price I got on MMAO - a super value!
Got the 40 sampler deal! Don't be afraid of this one. Got what I expected. 40 all look nicely made; a few I knew and knew I liked. Smoked one this morning that I was unfamiliar with - started out mild, but grew to medium, a little light for me, but a well constructed good burning smoke. Some Churchill, some small, mostly decent size. Will buy again.
Not bad. Not the best sticks I've ever had, but definitely smokable and dirt cheap!
Ten different cigars at once for a guy that loves to try new things. That put a smile on my face. The selection was a little heavy in the Connecticut side, but there were a couple of really great Habanos in there as well. Overall good buy for me.
Decent sampler for the price.
Picked up a pack of these just because of the price. I must say these have been pretty decent sticks. My fiancee has smoked a couple of the sweeter flavored ones and has really enjoyed them. Kinda wish I could find some of them outside this grab bag.
I pulled the trigger and bought the GRAB BAG SPECIAL. I guess I was curious as to what I might get in the bag. I got 1 JOHN Ts. I hadn't seen 1 of those in many yrs(pipe tobacco cigar). There's been some very interesting stuff and some cigars I wasn't thrilled with, but for no more $$ than this bag of cigars cost, it's great for yard work or giving 1 to a friend and saying HERE TRY ONE OF THESE.
You can't complain about 40 cigars for 25 bucks. Some good, some not so good but like I said, you can't complain.
Don't know if I got lucky or not? But this was one awesome deal! Very very good cigars. Not one in the bunch was bad. Grab these when they're available!
You guys are the BEST! Can't find deals this good anywhere else, and I used to work at a tobacco shop....
Wasn't expecting much. "You get what you pay for and all that". They're a little rough to smoke; think I'll give a few months rest in my humidor and try again. Great give away cigars for people that are used to smokin Phillies. When they freight train it and snuff it out half way through, the urge to punch them in the face is a lot less at 75 cents per smoke than $15. Plus I had a couple top shelf cigars split and I don't mind sacrificing these for their wrapper to patch up my good ones.
Great price for an everyday smoke. I was pleasantly surprised that I got some good high priced smokes on my order. I also did get some that I didn't recognize but as I'm writing this I'm smoking one of those and it's actually pretty good! Ty CI, as always you made another satisfied customer! You guys ROCK!
Recently I invested in two 'Dominican Grab-Bag' samplers, which is curious, since I am a die-hard Nicaraguan tobacco fan. Sure, I remember the old days & just how much I enjoyed a Cohiba, Fonseca or even Victor Sinclair cigar. But in recent years & especially since AJ Fernandez took control of my tobacco taste buds, I rarely smoke a 'real' Dominican cigar. So common sense be damned, I invested about a buck a stick to try some 'off the radar' brands of Dominican spleefs. I have enjoyed 75% of the contents & tolerated the last 1/4. It was a peculiar mix of sizes, shapes & oddly named, even funny vitolas. Both grab bags were identical. Most were good, well constructed & certainly affordable. A few were abysmally rolled, shockingly sub standard in every way & laughably titled, like the Victor Sinclair offering. An unsmokable 7" X 15(maybe) lancero lovingly called "The Hippie". It wouldn't draw & when I opened one up, it literally was a leaf rolled onto itself, with nothing inside! Now, the rest smoked. One robusto, was downright good! Tasty & enjoyable. An offering from Victory Cigar was included. Not bad at all & lists for about seven bucks! While I probably won't be reordering, I see no reason why others wouldn't enjoy most of the blunts within a grab-bag. I did.
I've bought this multiple times with no regrets. Yes, there's some duds. There's also some gems. Good everyday, mow the grass or wash the car kind of smokes. It gives one a chance to try some different gauges, size and strength. I take the bands off, glue them to a notebook along with size, gauge, etc and write down my own review so if I see it on special I'll buy a box. I've spent more on a bad dinner than the price of getting 20 smokes.
oustanding!!!! As a Marine I love getting thoses cigars in my order. Wish i could just order some of those alone.