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A Cigar Snob's Feast II

Simmer in the savings.

Too rich for your blood? BAH! No longer my hard-working friend! With CI's borderline reckless disregard for 'suggested' retail prices, the classes are suddenly inverted, the sun's warm rays cover all the land. and silver turns to gold. It's better to be born lucky than rich, and you fellas are the luckiest SOBs on the planet. Rejoice in the ultra-pricey collection of top-tier brands, humbled by an unthinkable 68% discount. 10 delicious $10+ (apiece!) handmades boasting a combined MSRP of $156, yours for a paltry $49.95. Suggested retail....we eat that nonsense for breakfast. It's time to feast.

The Cigar Snob's Feast II includes:
2 - Padron '64 Anniversary Principe (4.5" x 46)
2 - My Father No. 1 Robusto (5.25" x 52)
2 - Diamond Crown Maximus Toro #4 (6" x 50)
2 - Cohiba Black Robusto (5.5" x 50)
2 - Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (6" x 60)

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A Cigar Snob's Feast II 10 CIGARS Backordered $156.48$49.95
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Customer Reviews of “A Cigar Snob's Feast II”
Go to a Brick and Mortar and buy the two Padron 64's and the two Diamond Crowns and it will set you back the cost of this entire sampler. So, this essentially gives you 6 free cigars. The 2 My Fathers are great. Not really a Cohiba or Gurkha Centurian lover, but at this price (essentially free) they make a wonderful daily smoker.
Great sampler. Order two or ten now as you will not be disappointed. Okay, well maybe you will be a little disappointed once they are gone but that's not CI's fault. The Diamond Crown Maximus is tempting me to make it my daily smoke. The wife may kill me at the price per box but at least I will die with a smile on my face and an amazing cigar between my lips.
BD of Tomball, TX
I tried this out because I wanted some real nice smokes and let me tell you, this is worth every penny. The Padron is an absolute perfect smoke. I am smoking the Centurion double perfecto with a cup of Kona coffee and it's delicious. Rich, creamy, and ultra tasty. Once they're back in stock I'm going to order another and age the whole sampler. I suggest you do the same!
CM of Eugene, OR
This is BY FAR the best deal on fantastic cigars that I have experienced thus far in my 1+ year of premium cigar smoking. That may not mean much to some veterans but every cigar in this pack is easily one of the best cigars that I've ever had. BUY THIS!
SW of Abingdon, VA
Love every piece of the collection.
DA of hitchcock, TX