Black Ops Super-Sampler

Black Ops cigars have it all. Style, substance, and performance in spades. They've been sellin' like hotcakes since day 1. But to ensure everyone gets a crack at trying them, I'm letting you sample the entire line for a fraction of the retail price. You'll find 6 each of the Maduro, Connecticut, and Habano, crafted into a 6"x50 toro. What are you waiting for? Get some!

The Black Ops Super-Sampler includes:
6 - Black Ops Maduro Toro (6" x 50)
6 - Black Ops Connecticut (6" x 50)
6 - Black Ops Habano (6" x 50)

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  Black-Ops Super-Sampler 18 CIGARS In Stock$99.00$39.76
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Customer Reviews of “Black Ops Super-Sampler”
“Just had to try these, being a Gurkha fan and all.... and couldn't lose with the price. I will say that I've only tried one so far and was a nice smooth smoke. And is nothing like their Gurkha counterparts, but in a good way. Can't wait to try all 3 blends. Love having so many blends on hand from my favorite brand. C.I. makes it possible.”
SM of Kokomo, IN