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ACID Collector's Stash + Hat

For a limited time, take an additional $5 off every ACID Collector's Stash purchased. Discount reflected in price below.

ACID cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua, a unique blend with a richly aromatic quality. These long-filler cigars are cured with essential herbs, oils and botanicals to give ACID a truly one-of-a-kind taste and aromatic influence. Unlike most cigars, each size within the line offers a different blend, flavor and distinct smoking experience. 

The crew at Drew Estate have put together a collection of their best selling ACID blends and housed them in a unique collector's tin. Accompanied by a blaze orange army cadet cap, this is the perfect gift for that avid hunter or ACID smoker.

The ACID Collector's Stash includes:
1 - ACID 1 (5" x 54)
1 - ACID Atom Maduro (5" x 50)
1 - ACID Blondie (4" x 38)
1 - ACID Cold Infusion Tea (6.75" x 44)
1 - ACID Extra Ordinary Larry (6" x 60)
1 - ACID Kuba Kuba (5" x 54)
1 - ACID 1400CC (5" x 50)
1 - ACID Nasty (4" x 52)
1 - ACID Toast (6" x 50)
5 - ACID c-notes (3.75" x 20)
1 - Drew Estate Cigar Army Cadet Cap - Blaze Orange

NOTE: selections in the ACID tin often varies, as the factory occasionally substitutes cigars of similar value based upon availability.

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  ACID Collector's Stash + Hat 14 CIGARS + Orange Cap Sale Out of Stock $80.80 $49.99    
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Customer Reviews of “ACID Collector's Stash + Hat”
A great chance to sample some of Drew Estate's various blends. The hat stands out and I can't wait until it is warm enough to wear it. It has a crown that can be for blocked and that is a thow-back to bygone days and something you don't see to often. I would recommend this sampler to all four stars. Would give it more stars but those little cigarette looking cigars was a turnoff and not very tasty IMHO.
First thing is I love the Pimp stick and other smokes from Drew Estate. This is the first review that I just have to trash a cigar. The cigars in this tin are Nasty! The taste is way to sweet and makes me think they are soaked in old lady perfume. I actually threw some away after a few puffs and through pure will power smoked two all the way in hopes that the flavor would change ( no such luck! ). It's like smoking you're mom's potpourri. My son thought I was burning incense. The hat was cool and I gave it to my son. In conclusion if you like the hat and have no taste buds go for it. So far the Kuba is the only smoke that hasn't made me gag but it's way to sweet, a 5 on the scale of 1-10. PS. The cigars are well constructed and burn well. Maybe I got a bad batch?
ML of Pinson, AL
Just what I hoped for and better than I expected. So good I ordered more!
LS of Toms River, NJ
Acid Cigars are great! I have yet to come across one that let me down. This tin really helped me find my favorite and the hat was just a plus.
MB of staten island, NY
This is an excellent collection of cigars!
DS of Marshfield, WI
Acid is not a traditional cigar, and that bothers some people. It has an incense, cologne-like character that most cigars don't. I love Acid myself, and feel the samples included average out to a total steal. In short, I acquired a nifty hat, a good tin for guitar picks and some very good smokes from this purchase.
MD of South Vienna, OH
Cigars are excellent by Drew Estate, the hat is neat to.
RC of Washington, MI
These were great cigars, however, I feel the cigarillos were a bit much. I was hoping for more standard cigars.
CG of Junction City, KS
This is a great way to check out what ACID cigars are all about and not break the bank. The tin is cute, I suppose, but I want the smokes. Great selection of their work so you can try a few out and see which ones work for you. I am excited to try every one. I've tried a handful of them in the past but am looking forward to smoking each one. A VERY nice touch - each tin had a Boveda stashed in the bottom. Classy move, Drew Estate. Classy indeed.
DS of Pooler, GA