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Pueblo Dominicano Flight Sampler

Pueblo Domincano gives all new meaning to the term under-the-radar brands. In fact, I've been scratchin' the old noggin for a while as to why this one doesn't get more of the limelight. But, in a day and age where the most popular coffee maker only brews one cup at a time, while costing as much as buying a cup out, it doesn't surprise me. Actually, it still boggles my damn mind! But, this top-notch sampler should set the world straight. 18 cigars in all, this glorious assortment of full-bodied handmades is known to the wise as Pueblo Dominicano. Dressed in a powerful, leathery Sun Grown wrapper from Ecuador, and jam packed with long-leaf ligeros, the stage has been set for a triumphant performance. Strong notes of spices, coffee, cedar, earth and a hearty tobacco core are delivered through gobs of smoke. What's that? Sounds good? You're damn right! And now you get to try the line in its entirety. All at a discount of course. 

The Pueblo Dominicano Flight Sampler includes:
6 - Pueblo Dominicano Robusto (5"x50)
6 - Pueblo Dominicano Toro (6.5"x50)
6 - Pueblo Dominicano Torpedo (6.2"x54)

MSRP: $115

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  Pueblo Dominicano Sampler 18 CIGARS Sale In Stock $115.00 $34.91
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Customer Reviews of “Pueblo Dominicano Flight Sampler”
Absolutely love these cigars, bold and strong, no matter the size. Hope they stay on sale for a while.
i like these cigars. got the flight on sale, and smoked a rubosto. the toast told me it was well aged premium tobacoo. the first half had that nice sweet tobacoo taste, fairly mild. half way she picked up nice and turned medium. i got a little nervous because it got harsh on a few puffs, but then it mellowed out and i was able to nub it. the end was nice and strong, peppery. i'd buy these at two bucks a stick all day.
CE of Milford, PA
Great stogie for the price. Tastes smooth, burns well, no complaints at all.
It's an everyday cigar, but it pleases and satisfies nicely, and seemingly in a different way each time. Definitely worth the price. Don't see it as a possible crossover to big name status, but if your daily smoke is as important to you as your "special occasion" smoke, you shouldn't pass this one up.
CS of Ringoes, NJ
Pueblo Dominicano is a seriously underrated brand, I would have never know of them had I not got one in a sampler. The Flight Sampler is a steal at less than 2 bucks a cigar. I plan on buying a few more bundles and stock up before they are gone. Great taste and lots of smoke, don't overlook this cigar.
JC of Goddard, KS
Good like it with coffee.
Incredible price for this sampler. The robusto size is my favorite for this type of cigar. It is a definite evening cigar after a nice meal. Had a hamburger and a coke before and it was the best combination with this cigar. Coke or a dr. pepper go hand in hand with this. Try it and enjoy!
AM of Canyon Country, CA
....Serious body to this smoke! While none-too complex, this IS a unique and thoroughly enjoyable cigar. I'm looking forward to revisiting these after a nap, though with C.I.'s killer price on this sampler, I may not wait too long. Thanks, fellas! Cheers!
PS of Decatur, GA