Gurkha Presidente Platter II

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A HUGE can of Gurkha whoop-ass!

In a world of black and white, there exists only small and large. But this, this ain't your run-of-the-mill cut and dry sampler. It's Gurkha like never before, now in ginormous form. Take a moment and just look at the size of these behemoths. Weighing it at 8.5" x 52, there's hours upon hours of slow-burning bliss in tow. Don't worry about being labeled as 'trying to compensate for something,' we all know haters are gonna' hate. Go ahead and sink your teeth into this hum-dinger of a sampler from Gurkha. You'll be back for seconds before you can wipe your chin.

The Gurkha Presidente Platter II includes:
3 - Gurkha Ancient Warrior Vintage Presidente (8.5" x 52)
3 - Gurkha Warlord Presidente (8.5" x 52)
3 - Gurkha Estate Vintage Shaggy Presidente (8.5" x 52)
3 - Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 Presidente (8.5" x 52)
3 - Gurkha Elegance Presidente (8.5" x 52)
3 - Gurkha Beauty Presidente (8.5" x 52)

MSRP: $337.50

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  Gurkha Presidente Platter II 18 CIGARS In Stock$337.50$59.95
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Presidente Platter II”
“My presidents platter arrived a few days ago and I couldn't wait to smoke one of these! I put down the Beauty, and my friend put down the Elegance. After only 2 days in the humi unwrapped it was astonishing how good the cigar was! Burned for 1.5 hours, smooth, creamy, and extremely satisfying. Even burns, no correction needed, and the ash held almost 2 inches every time. Towards the end a touch of soft cedar and rich tobacco crept in, but it never got hot or overpowering. Love that consistency, and the craftsmanship is evident. I'm seriously excited for some of the darker sticks, and the value is astounding. Highly recommended for someone who likes a long, solid smoke!”
CP of West Bend, WI