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Don Rafael Mega-Sampler

Everyone loves a good deal. So if this one doesn't get the ol' ticker goin', you should probably check your pulse. At hand is a sampling of the entire Don Rafael line. And when combined with my overly ambitious discounting spirit, you're left with a legit mild-bodied Mega-Sampler for peanuts. You'll find every single size, in both natural and maduro, all at one hell of a low-ball price. One word sums it up nicely: awesome.

The Don Rafael Mega-Sampler includes:
2 - Don Rafael #57 Robusto Natural (5.5" x 50)
2 - Don Rafael #57 Robusto Maduro (5.5" x 50)
2 - Don Rafael #77 Toro Natural (6" x 54)
2 - Don Rafael #77 Toro Maduro (6" x 54)
2 - Don Rafael #87 Torpedo Natural (6.5" x 52)
2 - Don Rafael #87 Torpedo Maduro (6.5" x 52)
2 - Don Rafael #67 Churchill Natural (7.5" x 50)
2 - Don Rafael #67 Churchill Maduro (7.5" x 50)
2 - Don Rafael #97 Gordo Natural (6" x60)
2 - Don Rafael #97 Gordo Maduro (6" x60)


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Don Rafael Mega-Sampler 20 CIGARS Out of Stock $98.80 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Don Rafael Mega-Sampler”
A great sampler! Multiple options for time your cigar will last and 2 different wrappers. And the price is a knockout! Way to go, CI!!!!
There's just so many cigars to experience and not enough time to experience them. I hate looking into my humidor and seeing all of the same cigars. I found this sampler, and I seem to be stuck on it, and can't get past it and have ordered several bundles in a row. I don't know of a cigar that has caught my attention like these have. The variety is impressive there is just such a vast selection. Victor Sinclair is know rookie to the cigar industry and the quality of the cigar is good as well.
I've now ordered these three times and will continue to order as long as I can. For starters, the cigars taste very good - you won't get a better tasting cigar for the price. Secondly, they are very well constructed with good draw, even burn, and consistent flavor. Finally, I LOVE having different sizes and wrappers to fit my moods and times that I get to smoke. Really outstanding. Thank you CI!
MB of Marietta, GA
Don Rafael #57 Robusto Natural (5.5" x 50) something went wrong here? After cutting I always do a taste draw without lighting. To my surprise the draw had a moldy taste. Tells me this is not a good sign with cigar handling --- from rolling to aging to shipping. I like these cigars, but after this experience I'll have to choose another.
HH of New Hartford, CT
This sampler (Don Rafael) was a very high quality treat. I loved the maduros. Very oily almost chocolaty with no strength, but pure flavor and the connies very light, nutty, and woody with oils that just taste great. I didn't like Connecticut at first, but they grew on me to the point where I would crave them, especially if you just want something light, but still very flavorful. Excellent burn and construction as well, usually don't have to worry about that with these. At $2 a piece these are a great deal.
VV of Bisbee, AZ
They are cigars. Not that great, burnt well, had a light taste, but had a sweetness in smell; like a sweet smell of a disinfectant in the other room. Very light, but noticeable. Draw was good and the cigar was packed well with tobacco. They weren't "empty" shells. Smoked for over 30 minutes.
Great smokes for everyday. Mild and short finish. Great smoke output and very enjoyable. Burn well like it was a more expensive stick. Ash would hang on sometimes as much as 2 inches. Too much humidity will tighten the draw and will not burn well. Overall, a great group of cigars.
MD of Raymond, MS
Found my new choice of cigars.
MD of Oak Lawn, IL